581028Michael Denner and Hank Shermann, legendary guitar duo of Mercyful Fate, are back with their new project to bring us the new tales of heavy metal insanity and their return was awaited with bated breath by legions of fans. So much time has passed since the last Mercyful Fate recording, do the guys still possess the magic that permeated those legendary recordings? I think that the answer is: yes. Make no mistake and compare Masters Of Evil to Melissa or Don’t Break the Oath – those albums are legendary and cannot be beaten. On the other hand, Masters Of Evil proves that Denner and Shermann are still in the form to deliver traditional heavy metal in Mercyful Fate vein without any new influences, just the way fans like it. I also think that Masters Of Evil represents an improvement over EP Satan’s Tomb, as if the band members got accustomed to themselves better and got to know their strengths which is used without a doubt in the composing process. I like the fact that Masters Of Evil is around 40 minutes long and has 8 tracks just like in the days of old, no filling the CD with unnecessary tracks but the guys have rather concentrated on delivering the goods in all possible ways. One thing that can get the people polarized the most is the voice of Sean Peck – let’s be honest, we are expecting to hear King here. Sean does his own version which is better than simply copying the King’s style and he fits well into the music. He is maybe a bit standard but I guess that no one can fill the King’s shoes well enough. It remains to be seen will Denner / Shermann become fully fledged band and will we receive more music from them, but the sure thing is that Masters Of Evil will be welcomed by a lot of people who are on Mercyful Fate diet for years of their absence, so if you are among them check out Masters Of Evil without hesitation.

  • Metal Blade CD
  • Zvonko Savic (8)