DESTRAGE A Means To No End

a7071f2f9f59276735c1b8fa077f14e4I think that it is about time that more people into modern metal should start to pay attention to Italian band Destrage. Kicking for the decade in the underground, their contract with Metal Blade brought to us masterful 2014’s album Are You Kidding Me? No. which shows that these boys has something of their own going on, despite legions of similar bands in similar field. Their fourth album A Means To No End is about to hit the streets and it shows that Destrage are not playing it safe and releasing the successful album pt.2 just to rest on the past laurels. While Are You Kidding Me? No. was really a whirlwind of technical abilities coupled with their unique sense of humor, for this time Destrage decided to tone down their prowess a bit while still keeping the core of the band intact. On first glance it seems that A Means To No End is less technical than its predecessor but it is rather the fact that Destrage concentrated on making the catchier songs which will get in your ears easily. When you listen to the album more carefully, you will understand that the songs feature tons of different magnificent technical details… they are just interwoven into everything more subtle so they does not jump at you like that, you have to find them out for yourself. Choruses are anthemic and I have also noticed some really weird sounds hidden beneath them, so all of this makes perfectly clear to you that A Means To No End is not one album which is to be taken lightly. You will have to give to it some time in order to peel off all its layers and to see clearly what it is truly made of. Now, I just hope that the big label behind them will help them to gain further exposure and the people will really get into them. A Means To No End is clear purchase for the fans of bands such as Protest The Hero.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Srecko Sitic (8)