Eonian.jpgWell, if I start this review with the words ”I really don’t know what to say” I guess it will suit the best to describe the latest offering from this Norwegian act. Since I have been already for a long time into their style and music, I’ve to commit that I am one of those Dimmu Borgir worshipers from ’90s, so actually I never liked their recent style. Perhaps the last record that was awesome to me was Spiritual Black Dimension but it was 20 years ago so obviously Dimmu has develop their style during last 2 decades (on better or worse its personal choice I guess).

What we have here is their latest output entitled Eonian. In fact, from my personal point of view this is a musical point where they stopped with the previous record released some 8 years ago. Actually, I like that particular record but yet this is another tale to tell. Of course, nothing could bit EDT or any other record from 90s! Musically speaking this is yet another experiment that Dimmu Borgir has done, where their music has become closer to some fluffier lovers of metal, like those for example that adore Nightwish or Sabaton. Even the comments reflects the same point. The ideas are quite ok, but I guess that those ”ideas” could work simply much better to any other band. Perhaps the best song is the one with the most problems.

Musical speaking everything there stand son it sown place, but there this is much far from original Dimmu Borgir, I guess too much far… To add some cool choirs its quite ok, but if you complete (more or less) change the style of the band there should be some problems. From my (humble) opinion the main problem is that Dimmu borgir now stands closer to ”mainstream” bands than to ”underground” movement which actually has grown quite huge.

Anyhow, I will miss Eonian since I really cannot find any elements that could inspire me anymore. Just simply Eonian is not my piece of work…and yet the glorious years of this band are quite behind them. On the other hand I think that Borgir’s latest effort could much better suit for ”younger” YouTube generations…

  • Marko Mirnaovic
  • Nuclear Blast (4)