DOOL Now Here, There Then

a0326263771_10Here we have the debut album of Dutch formation Dool and even though the band has just recently entered the scene this release has been hotly anticipated for several reasons. This troop is comprised of members from such luminaries as The Devil’s Blood, Gold and The New Media which is the promise of good things from the get go; their debut single Oweynagat was released at the end of 2016 and the strength of that song alone turned many eyes towards Dool’s direction. Now we have their debut album entitled Now Here, There Then and without hesitation I can say that Dool delivered all the goods they have teased us with their first single. Maybe I am biased but I think that presence of The Devil’s Blood can be largely felt in Now Here, There Then throughout the course of entire album but that not that strange, given that the rhythm section served time in that glorious band. So if you liked sadly deceased Selim Lemouchi’s horde, the chances that you will enjoy Dool are also very high but they also show from their debut album that they are their own beast altogether. They share the sense for entangling seditious melodies into their rock sound with The Devil’s Blood, but on the other hand they are not nearly as psychedelic. The rhythms are driving and I think that I can also feel influence of goth rock, even metal devilish overtones are also to be heard in this album. Of course the whole story is led by strong vocals of Ryanne van Dorst who entangle you in her web and drag you deep into the realm of Now Here, There Then. Of course, some people will claim that Dool is mere copy of The Devil’s Blood but I think that it is easy to hear great differences between the two  – Dool really found their place already and I think that the best is yet to come from them.

  • Prophecy Productions CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)