Downcast Twilight Under the Wings of the Aquila

Downcast-Twilight-Under-the-Wings-of-the-Aquila-2016-320Downcast Twilight Under the Wings of the Aquila is a quite a newcomer to all of us I guess, I have never heard for the band before but it turned out to be indeed interesting after all. The band comes from UK and their style could be described as some sort of melodic death metal but references with Ex Deo are more than welcome here.

Downcast Twilight has proved with their debut issue that they have something different to offer. I am not quite aware how many people are involved in this project or a band but it turned out there are more members in the band. Also, the music and the sound is powerful and I did not expected to hear such a sound ans style when I have for the very fist time face the cover artwork and the booklet. I was thinking that it will be some sort of atmospheric black metal since there were those forest on the cover.

But, yet the music is quite a different of what I have expected. More aggressive and less ambient, too. The closest band that falls on my mind is surly Ex Deo. Perhaps its less epic and pompous comparing to ED but since there are obvious historical background influences (Rome Empire and alike).

  • Marko Miranovic (8)
  • Stygian Crypt Prodaction CD