It is always a pleasure to write up and give support to domestic metal bands who are on a high level of professionalism and who show that being from Serbia does not have to represent an obstacle in your work but rather give you an inspiration to write convincing metal with fire inside. Downstroy from Kikinda are for sure one of the examples for this, as the band is active since 2004 without any pause in work, they have been very active on the live front since the beginning and in that way they have built the reputation of convincing band force which took them on Wacken Open Air festival among other successes. It should be said that Downstroy is maybe not very hectic with releases but on the other hand, every time they put out something it goes without saying that the material is on highest possible level, and such is the case with their latest EP entitled Clone which was released a couple of weeks ago. For those unaware it is clear right from the band’s name (which comes from Soulfly’s song) what kind of music we are dealing here and yeas, Downstroy are playing modern groovy metal but do not expect some trite bullshit that is in trend today. From the get go it is evident that the members are well versed in this style of metal, I know that they have an experience that lasts for couple of decades when it comes to this kind of music and one can simply hear that they took various influences to create something of their own. The basis of their sound is, as I have said, groove metal that is mostly similar to Max Cavalera’ various projects in this vein but you will also find traces of groups that dabbled in similar waters at the beginning of this century. Be it Raunchy, Slipknot, In Flames or various metalcore acts, there is not one band that you can directly link to Downstroy and say that they are absolutely similar. As I have said, from the melting pot of influences Downstroy have taken a bit here and a bit there and created their own little niche in oversaturated modern metal market, which is simply a thing for respect. On top of everything come the might growling vocals of our good buddy Darko Živković (who is also very active in promoting metal in various formats and websites), he is already well known for his abilities on this field but I must say that clean ones are not as persuasive as gruff ones but that is something that can be taken care of with further work, so no worries there. While we are at it, it should be noted that some friends of the group came out to help with the vocals, namely Gergely Mihály (Angertea), Damir Milutinov Chvare (Overdrive) and Nemanja Kojić Coyote (Eyesburn) who did vocals and trombone on Eyesburn’s cover of song Sister. The story is rounded up by competent production work, courtesy of Dražen Kecman and his Cirith Ungol studio, who gave the material strong and compact heavy sound which goes hand in hand with the musical vision that Downstroy had. The cover art was done by Darko’s girlfriend Branislava Brandić and it is not that complicated but rather straight to the point, just like the music contained on this release. All in all, with Clone Downstroy have shown that there is still a lot of life in them and they are serious band on all possible fronts. Let’s hope that they will continue to soldier on in this fashion for years and years!

  • Nocturne Media EP
  • Trifunovic Slobodan