601815Here we have the opportunity to present to all our readers abroad one of the most interesting names on new Serbian metal scene, so if you are interested enough to know how the things are going on here read further and take notice of this name. Elsewhere Shine was initially created and led by multi-instrumentalist Marko Sinadinović (was also active in ambient projects Venefica and Postema Venefica), and in the first years of existence Marko kept Elsewhere Shine a bit low profile with just a couple releases under his belt, but recently he decided to take the band further and solidified his line up with some strong players from Serbian metal scene. Couple Jadranka and Igor Stanić (Superhammer, also really active people in various fields of metal scene), Miloš Krsmanović (Armageddon, Thundersteel) are now members along with Marko and Bojana Panovska, so that makes up for very strong unit ready to take Elsewhere Shine on new heights. When it comes to musical field of Mater Morbi, it should be said that Elsewhere Shine is dealing with the progressive end of metal spectrum and I can stop at that, since I simply cannot pull some names out of my sleeve to compare the music found here adequately. One can simply hear that the band members are older fans with lots of listening experience in various genres, so that long path has carved something individual out of their craft. Just hear the opening title track of this EP (with new remix) to understand fully what I mean – vast spectrum of vocals and instruments, all entangled into the unpredictable arrangement with everything coming out totally logical in the end. The next track Perpetual Silence accentuates the differences even more, with some really heavy hitting vs. mellow parts and it sounds like it came from Opeth’s Deliverance album (spiced with female vocals, of course). Swan Nebula is keyboard laden ballad (actually re-recorded version of old track) which cools down the passion created with previous two numbers, and in the same time gives you space for some fresh air before the closing Suneater. That is perhaps the most “metal” track off Mater Morbi (take it with grain of salt, as it also features some surprises), with fast rhythms and male/female vocal attack Suneater closes Mater Morbi in really appropriate mode, with a bang. Whole EP gives you the impression that this troop knows what they are doing and how to make their visions alive, at the same time without copying anyone but rather opting to create something original which is always harder road but more fulfilling at the end. I can now only hope that Elsewhere Shine will continue to work harder with this line up and crown their achievements with full length, until then… check out Matter Morbi.

  • Nocturne Media EP
  • Miner Recordings
  • Trifunovic Slobodan