ENTRAILS World Inferno

Entrails-WorldInfernoSwedish death mongers Entrails are back with their fifth full length entitled World Inferno and it seems that nothing will ever change in their world. As the band’s leader Jimmy Lundqvist once noted, Entrails simply has to sound old and World Inferno is one more in the string of proofs for this statement – Entrails plays old school Swedish death metal, as simple as that. People who want some innovation, to hear something revolutionary should simply stay away from this band as far as possible but one should ask oneself – what is the most important thing with music? In my opinion, metal just has to be good whether it is super progressive or stripped to the bone and this is where Entrails come handy. They are one of the strongest standing bands of their ilk and for example, World Inferno beats latest Entombed A.D. album to the ground, Dismember is nonexistent etc. so why shouldn’t you give the chance to this troop while they are still in full force? Even though two band members left Entrails in period after the previous album Obliteration, Jimmy found new recruitments and marched on like nothing has happened and truly, there are no signs of weakness on World Inferno. If I need to compare, their previous album had somewhat more analogue production which gave to it more atmosphere while World Inferno sounds a bit more aggressive with HM2 pedals to the max crating gritty soundscape which truly make the ears bleed. To conclude, this album will not truly revolutionize the entire scene but as I have already stated, this is one solid slab of traditional Swedish death metal taking the cues from old Dismember and Entombed albums, never outdoing them but did someone expect that really? Take World Inferno as it is and bang your head to the sounds of death.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Slobodan Trifunovic (8)