EXUMER The Raging Tides

exumer-theragingtides1You just have to give the props to cult German thrashers Exumer: even though they have returned from years’ long hibernation a couple of years ago, one cannot see the traces of inactivitiy on their studio output and it seems as if they have simply continued where they left off with 1987’s Rising From The Sea. Metal Blade’s debut for Exumer, 2012’s Fire & Damnation was good enough comeback and four years after that we have the next chapter in the band’s story, and I am happy to inform you that The Raging Tides is even better than its predecessor. Exumer was never the band to play it complicated and beat around the bush, their brand of thrash which sounds like Slayer was born in Germany is represented here in all its glory and you should not fear about the Exumer’s direction one bit. Thrash metal has always relied on killer riffs and you will find them aplenty here, coupled with up to the point arrangements you will get one result that will get your head banging instantly – I know that it sounds as cliche as it gets, but it is simly the truth. Venomous music goes well with wicked topics and Mem Von Stein unfortunately had a lot of inspiration for them in real life world with events in Nigeria and with Edward Snowden for example, so the whole album sounds serious as heart attack. You see that all the ingredients for good thrash metal are here and The Raging Tides will not reinvent the wheel in any way but Exumer was never the band with that thought in mind. They are simply here to thrash you to Hell and back, and I must admit that I truly admire their work ethics – without rushing into some unnecessary releases, they did not taint their name with below standard albums but rather put out good stuff when the time is right so they have the undying support of die hard thrashers, their core audience will never desert them and that is all that matters. If you are into hungry maniacal thrash metal you will be hard pressed to find many better bands than Exumer, and The Raging Tides has proven it once again.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Zvonko Savic (8)