As a matter of fact Falkenbach is one of my favorite bands when it comes to Folk and Viking Metal. Falkenbach has survived many changes within the music but primordial idea has stayed the same. From the debut album to new one, although that there are obviously some musical developing, you can easily say that this is Falkenbach. After 6 years of waiting we have finally met the new release of this band. ”Tiurida” shows the band in its best light. Songs have a quality and ideas and definitely head of the band: Markus Tümmers and his fellow companions has successful recorded a new material full of epic tales and song…


Hello! As a matter of fact ”Tiurida” is Falkenbach upcoming issue which is going to be release just in next few days. There are many people around who were waiting patiently for your new record. Over the years Falkenbach definitely has gathered very strong fan base. How do you feel about that?
What can I say? Of course it’s very nice to see people who like what Falkenbach stands for, who feel connected to it.

Can you compare your upcoming record ”Tiurida” with Falkenbach previous full-lengths? I mean, there are obviously some parallels with ”Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty”, but yet some instrumentals really remind me even on ”…Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri…”.
It’s hard to compare one album with another, I think, at least to me. Every album has got an own character, and I think people have to make up their own minds about the songs.

There are two instrumentals on the album: ”Tanfana” and ”In Flames”, and both sound great indeed. But, why did you decide to have two instrumentals on one album? Was there any particular reason?
Well, first of all “In Flames” is not an instrumental (Marko: yes, indeed the track entitled ”In Flames” is not instrumental, it has a few screams and in one smaller par one could easily noticed some singing, but, correctly looking we can take this particular title as instrumental, in one way or another). However, there’s no plan in advance, no intention to let songs sound like this or that, to make them instrumental or not. It just happens; it just comes to my mind that way. It might me a bit uncommon, but that’s just the way it sounded right to me.

Song ”Time Between Dog and Wolf” could really remind us on some older Falkenbach releases especially because it hasn’t any clean vocals recorded? So, was there any kind of aim that you wanted to return us some 12 or even 15 years ago?
No. As mentioned already, there is no plan in advance. The song came to my mind that way, it had to be like that, and clean vocals (beside the choirs of the song, which are actually clean vocals by the way) would not have sounded right.

You have few session musicians on ”Tiurida” so please can you present these people who were involved in the recording session of the new album? Were those session musicians also involved in the composing of the new issue?
On Tiurida the same musicians were featured as on the former two albums. Boltthorn took care of the drums, Tyrann did the screams, and Hagalaz a lot of acoustic guitars, keyboard arrangements and also some bass and guitar. Last but not least, for the first time, Alboin recorded bass for one of the tracks.

Where did you record new material and how long did you take to compose and record all the songs for it?
The album was recorded at Tidalwave Studio again, as well the former two albums. I cannot say how long exactly the recording took all in all, as we recorded the whole material in a lot of stages. Same goes for the composition, I really cannot say how much time it took, as there were long periods of silence in between.

There are going to be many different versions of ”Tiurida”. Aside of the regular CD jewel case version you are going to have some limited digi-packs and LPs as well with a bonus track. So, please can you unveil in which formats ”Tiurida” is going to be relapsed? Do you personally prefer LPs or CDs?
This is something Napalm Records decides. As far as I know, there’s the limited special box on one hand, and the digipack / jewelcase CD on the other hand. Beside that there’s a limited LP version in different colors, for example golden vinyl limited to 100 copies. But to be honest, I lost the outline a bit about what Napalm Records decided in the end, especially for the LP versions.

During 2006 you have, through your own label Skaldic Art Production, released a tribute to Falkenbach with various bands involved. Can you say us something more about this particular release. This release was divided in two different CDs.
It was initialized by someone from Belgium first. After he did a lot of work for this album, he decided to quit with it short before the manufacturing of this album. So there were to way how to handle the situation: first to just let the whole thing go, all the bands would have recorded the songs and invested their time for nothing. The second way was to release it on my own, ´though Skaldic Art actually was put on ice that time already. So I released this album, and it’s been the last thing Skaldic Art did.

What has happened with your own label Skaldic Art Production? Are you still active in one way or another? There were some interesting releases and bands which you have published as Obsidian Gate, Rivendell and few others as well.
No, it’s not active anymore, and I don’t think it’s going to be active in the future. I realized it’s just not my cup of tea to be that close with labels, magazines and distributions. It turned out to be a business thing, and it has never been planned to be something like that. I am not the right person to work on such a basis.

What can you say us about the lyrical background of the album? What is the meaning of the title Tiurida? It seems that all the song has some particular topic which they are covering. For example title ” Runes Shall You Know” sounds indeed interesting.
Tiurida is old-high German and can be translated to “Glory” best. The lyrics of Falkenbach are always about western and northern Germanic traditions, cultures, values and beliefs, on all the former albums and home-recordings as well as on all official CD releases.

If I am not so wrong the new album has two different covers. But, let’s focus on the one did for the regular version. It really reminds me on previous Falkenbach covers. Did you take this cover from somewhere or was it particularly done for Falkenbach?
The real painting that was used for the LP and the booklet of the CD, was the cover artwork I preferred. Napalm Records wanted some extra for the digipack, and hired an artist who created the black-white painting. The landscape painting I planned for the whole artwork was done by Albert Bierstadt, about 150 years ago.

I have also asked you this before, in our previous interview, are you going to have some live shows with Falkenbach? Last time you have added that there might be one or two shows, here and there, just to make a tribute to all your fans that have supported Falkenbach for such a long period?
The plans are still there, and a result has never been that close as it’s now. There’s a good chance to get Falkenbach on stage for at least a couple of live gigs within the upcoming 12 months. Any news about it you can find on http://www.Falkenbach.de first.

Well, I would like to thank you for your answers and your great music as well! Best regards until next time.
Thanks for your support and greetinx to Srbija!

Answers by Markus Tummers
Interview was done by Marko Miranovic