FOLKODIA Battle of the Milvian Bridge

681178Well, just imagine band Haggard but based more upon various folk influences and them you will get Folkodia. And if we also say that Folkodia is international formed band with various musicians from different countries playing some authentic instruments I think that one could get little bit closer picture of Folkodia is all about. So the musicians come from seven different countries including France, Italy, Germany, Monaco, Argentina and so on… so its not only EU band, there’s at least one member coming from South America where heavy metal music is quite popular…and the cover artwork really represents the entire musical style…

Of course one could easy guess that the artwork was done by infamous cover painter Kris Verwimp, there’s no mistake.  So, Folkodia’s style stands somewhere in between traditional folk metal and folk music as well. Their music has everything inside what one might expect of such an international act with many members. It owns growls and cleans, or even soprano vocals, also it owns aside classic metal basics many folk authentic instruments but I guess that violin is the most prominent one. Well, for some one might thing that’s the much happening in the music of Folkodia but if you compare them with Eluviete this has become quite standard situational or so to say even popular especially if you play folk metal style. So, there’s nothing strange when it comes to this band as well.

As a matter of fact Battle of the Milvian Bridge is their seventh full-length and the first one without Ruslanas since he has passed away if we are correct during 2013. So, I guess if you like the bands such as Eluvietie or Arkona you are quite free to checked out Folkodia if you already have not checked out their music…

  • Stygian Crypt Productions CD
  • Marko Miranovic