GATEKEEPER Blade of Cimmeria

Well, its time to present yet another promising old school heavy metal act. This time we are facing with Gatekeeper, a band that arrives from Canada. They have just issued their debut full-length so I guess that all the lovers of traditional stuff should get some more info about Gatekeeper…


Hello there!Gatekeeper’s brand new record has been just released though Cruz Del Sur Music. Please, could you present your debut offering East of Sun to readers of Metal Sound?
East of Sun is an album that culminated from two years of work as a band! When Geoff assembled us as Gatekeeper, we vowed to do the work to BE Gatekeeper, as this is a band that had not yet worked on a long playing record! Approaching things in the old school way has paid off, as we’ve written a bunch of original material together and put our own, more musically complete and grooving, nicely meshing take on all previous material. You take a look at many great bands and you see early demos comprised of different lineups honing the best material. This is no different!

How would you like to describe the sound of Gatekeeper? There are obvious tradtional references in your music (heavy or doom elements)? Please, could you give us some references and influnces on Gatekeeper’s music and style…?
To make it easy, we play HEAVY METAL! That is TRUE. True to ourselves, we present no façade, we are hard working, hard living metal maniacs grinding out our songs together. We don’t think so hard about it! Being an honest rock n roll band comes FIRST.

Since we’re not so informed about Gatekeeper please could you give us some details about the band? How and when did you start Gatekeeper? If I am well-informed the band has started as a solo-project?

Gatekeeper was started by Geoff in 2009. As a music school grad and jazz piano bedazzler, dude wanted to pick up barbarian axeswagglin’ guitar. This was in Edmonton, he even recorded the song “tale of twins” with Dan Cleary of Striker on vocals. Eventually he assembled the early lineup before moving to Vancouver in 2014.

The cover artwork for the debut effort East of Sun looks amazing. Who has done it and what would you like to express by it?
A sense of abandon, a sense of taking on the elements, caution to the wind, heading out to sea and we are sharing our sound without pandering or hero worship copies. It was painted by Duncan Storr.

In fact, even before this debut album Gatekeeper was quite active with various releases (EPs, split CDs etc.) but this is your first full-length. How did it happened at the end?

Well, Geoff felt like the band could be a lot more active back then, and we are planning a bunch of other madness as we speak! The full length happened when we had played out enough, when Kenny joined on lead guitar and we started writing original material.

How did you sign a deal with Cruz Del Sur Music since this music company has a great resepct among the fans and followers of tradition heavy metal?

Enrico expressed interest, great guy, great label!

Since Gatekeeper is now from Canada (if I am well-informed) are you active as a live band, I mean do you have some shows here and there?
Yes, we are an active band seeking the full time action. I have several other projects I do as well, and I work at a great music venue; getting to be around talented people is always great! We hope to see many of these faces at our album release show this weekend!

How about the first reactions of the media and people when it comes to Gatekeeper’s debut offering East of Sun? I’ve already noticed some quite good reviews and comments around…
Overall it’s been really great! We’re overwhelmed and grateful for such a positive response! To those people I just have to say: JUST YOU WAIT!! 😀

What is the future of the Gatekeeper as a band? What are you long-time plans and what’s the next step for the group?

  • Answers by Jean-Piere
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic