HARLOTT Extinction

Harlott-ExtinctionHarlott is the band that hails from Australia and plays 80s brand of thrash metal – we can introduce them with this simple sentence and be absolutely right but some fans might get the wrong idea from this so I need to explain it a bit more precise. Land down under became famous for their black thrashing bands such as Hobbs’ Angel of Death, Destroyer 666 or Gospel of the Horns, this sound really became a staple for Australian thrash metal scene but Harlott sounds completely different. Their third album Extinction sounds completely in line with its two predecessors and the overall presentation fits right in North American continent, be it USA or Canada. Harlott plays riffy thrash metal with lots of changes so the best way to describe them would be Bay Area thrash metal. If you need more detailed description, I would say that Extinction is very well informed of old Metallica, also one could hear a lot of frantic riffing moments reminiscent of Annihilator (no wonder Harlott was on tour with them, it is obvious that something from Jeff has rubbed off these young dudes). We can also hear some more extreme moments here and there but they do not go into extreme metal moments, they would rather remind you on Seasons in the Abyss-era of Slayer. Add to that competent production and artwork and you will have the final product that sounds like it came out straight from the 80s. I must say that Extinction will not turn the scene upside down but it seems that the guys from Harlott do not want that. They want to thrash and play the music that they love, so Extinction is the success in that department. This album will go well with thrashers who enjoy the classic style without a doubt, and further continue to cement Harlott’s position on worldwide scene.

  • Metal Blade CD
  • Zvonko Savic (7)