HIGH FIGHTER Scars and Crosses

Hamburg based heavy stoner, sludge / power doom band HIGH FIGHTER, whose first full length album coming out this Friday June 10th on Svart Records, have just unleashed a full album stream for their debut ‘Scars & Crosses’!


As a matter of fact you have a debut record called Scars and Crosses so tell us something about the newer record? Could you present it from your point of view?

‘Scars & Crosses’ is our first full length album, and it’s out now on Svart Records. In the end of 2014 we released our first demo EP ‘The Goat Ritual’, which we recorded live and on one weekend in our rehearsal room. To that date and when we recorded this first EP, we all just came out of different bands with different backgrounds, and to that time we have also never shared one stage together as High Fighter. Right after we released it, we already started to write tracks for our album, and got the chance to heavily tour and play many shows over this past year. I think, playing live as much as we did after ‘The Goat Ritual’, really got us together as a band in first place, but it also influenced our songwriting for the album as the tracks had the time and chance to grow with us live on stage. ‘Scars & Crosses’ sounds way more homogenous to me, then it did on our first EP. It’s a heavy, dark and sludgy album, rough but with very warm vibes, on this record I’d say the beauty meets a lot of pain and anger. We recorded it live at Rama Studio in Mannheim, Germany, with Jens Siefert, and it got mixed and mastered by Toshi Kasai ( Melvins, Big Business ).

Please, also could you present the band High Fighter to our readers since the band is a really fresh newcomer.

High Fighter is from Hamburg, Germany, and was born in the summer of 2014 as a fusion of former band members of A Million Miles and Buffalo Hump. Since that day, we have released 2 records, our first demo EP ‘The Goat Ritual’ as well as our new album ‘Scars & Crosses’. We heavily toured over the past year, and shared the stages with bands such as Ahab, Mammoth Storm, Crowbar, Corrosion of Conformity, Greenleaf and many more.

It’s obvious that you have heavy/stoner style of playing. How would you like to describe your style of playing? Tell us something about your influences as well.

Well, we’re all some very open minded folks, we all listen to several kinds of heavy music and combine different styles into one sound…the High Fighter sound. It’s really hard to categorize our music, as we don’t try to be a sludge band only, nor are we a pure stoner or doom band. High Fighter has a lot more to offer. From blues to desert rock, doom, sludge and metal, even with a hint of core. We just let it happen, and are not afraid of any genre-rules. We also like to leave enough space and room for your very own definition. So no matter if you’re a doom, sludge, stoner or metalhead, I am sure we got something for you.

Tell us also something about the format of release that will be soon released. it will come as digi pack, but also as LP if I am correct?

Right, ‘Scars & Crosses’ is out now on Svart Records, and it’s available as a Digital Download, 6-page CD digi pack as well as in 3 different LP Gatefold- editions.

Do you have any favorite tracks when it comes to your debut full-length Scar and Crosses?

I think this album has a very special sprit in its entirely, and I love every single track of it. If I need to chose, I’d go with ‘Scars & Crosses’, the album title track, ‘Darkest Days’, ‘Blinders’ or ‘Gods’. I especially enjoy playing these live, always a great energy and vibe with the crowd.

When it comes to High Fighter do you have any live shows in mind soon? Are you active actually when it comes to live performances?

Yes we are indeed a very active live band. Over the last year we heavily toured, played tons of shows and festivals all over Europe. Also this year, we just recently started our live season for 2016 with Desertfest Berlin, played some first album release shows and beside a bunch of festival dates this year, we have also just annnounced a full album release summer tour with our friends in Mammoth Storm and Earth Ship, kicking off in July. We hope we can play live as much as possible again this year, being out on the road are the best moments for us…

Who has done cover artwork for the debut record Scar and Crosses? What would you like to present by it? I have noticed that you have been already booked for Summer Breeze 2016.

For the album artwork we have worked with Dominic Sohor again, he’s such a rad and talented artwork artist from the UK. Dominic has been already responsible for the stunning album cover of ‘The Goat Ritual’ back in 2014, again we just shared our music, a rough vision and the album lyrics with him. None of his drafts or the final result for the upcoming album were changed from our end, he just totally gets our sound and vibe with his very special art. But what’s impressing me most, Dominic is deeply reading between the lines of my lyrics, so this is very personal and special to me. His artwork perfectly fits to our sound, and represents the pain & beauty of ‘Scars & Crosses’ in one entire picture.

Thanks for having us, stay high and hopefully seeing you at Summer Breeze then, or at any other upcoming High Fighter shows! Cheers!