IGORRR Savage Sinusoid

Ta1758014807_10his is hands down the most complicated record of the year for me and I do not know if anything will surpass this in terms of sheer weirdness… if such thing happen, I swear that my mind will explode! Igorrr is the brain child of French schizophrenic Gautier Serre and for more over a decade he has been puzzling the poor listeners with his musical creations where the only rule is that everything is allowed. Four years after his previous album Igorrr is back with Savage Sinusoid, his debut album for mighty Metal Blade, and I can say that this album is appropriate to be represented on larger scale since this is perhaps the easiest album of Igorrr to get into. Now don’t get the wrong impression as Igorrr is as crazy as ever, it is just that the production is the best in his career and the album sounds grandest – for the proof of my words check out ieuD (you can find video for this track on Youtube) and you will understand that this is Igorrr at his grandest self. When it comes to musical style, it is simply impossible to pinpoint Savage Sinusoid to one genre as one will find metal, electronica, baroque, Balkan music, harmonica, growls, angelic female vocals and who knows what else all mashed up into one – it is like you are listening to all the music in this world all at once! I do not know how does Gautier come up with the song arrangements and how does he fit everything in but it all sounds like it was always meant to be together like this. To complete the madness, Travis from Cattle Decapitation (self-proclaimed fan of Igorrr) did the guest vocals on three tracks so you can see to what extremes Savage Sinusoid can be pushed. It is very hard to judge album like this since we can not compare it to anything out there but Savage Sinusoid is for sure work of art and labor of love, check it out if you like your music to constantly challenge you and I cannot wait to see Igorrr at this year’s Brutal Assault to witness this insanity in live setting!

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Slobodan Trifunovic (8)