IHSAHN Arktis.

551528After several relatively not so spectacular issues the voice of Emperor has returned with his newer work Arktis. Those who are more familiar with his previous works are already aware that Ihsahn or Vegard Tveiten has been already very well-known by his previous career with Emperor but also his first two solo-albums were highly rated.  So, with his brand new act Ihsahn wanted to returned to his first solo albums which were indeed the best ones. I have to admin, that personally, I really like his debut record The Adversary (2006) and second full-length AngL (2008). These two records were indeed marvelous piece of works, quite atmospheric so they’ve become something like milestones in Ihsahn’s discography. Later most of his records were somehow made for the specific audience, somehow something’s missing although the quality was obvious…

As a matter of fact Arktis. is the 6th full-length in his solo career and perhaps one of the albums with the most variations since there are some quite catchy songs but, also, there are some tracks which are more focused or made for this so called specific audience.  So, the material stands somewhere in between. Opening tracks like Mass Darkness or Disassembled are quite catchy, dramatic, written in elegant style, but, later on, album becomes slower, with more variations. There are some songs like Pressure or Until I too Dissolve but I guess that’s all. Of course, the rest of the album has quality within there’s no questions about that.

After all, I think that I’ll stay focused more on his first two solo albums and I will also take some time to listen few songs from Arktis. as well, but somehow still I miss the old vibe and atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, I like the new work, but since there are better issues its indeed hard to say that this is the best record.

  • Candlelight Records CD
  • Marko Miranovic (7,5)