INFERNAL MAJESTY Enter the World of the Undead

After 13 years of silence Infernal Majjesty are back with their brand new full-length. In fact, they have kept a flame alive and burning with some singles and songs released back during last few years, but yet this is their latest full-length record since 2004.


There was a huge period between your two full-length records something like 13 years. Why was a huge time distance between your two albums any particular reason? Shortly after None Shall Defy and before Unholier Than Thou we lost our original drummer Rick Nemes who with Psyco just up and left. I have never herd from them since. He was replaced with Shawn Drover now with Megadeath. After Shawn parted ways we found Kevin Harrison who played on Unholier. Then we lost Kevin between Unholier and One Who Points To Death. He was replaced by Kris Deboer. After One Who Points Kris had to leave so we continued searching for a new drummer. Five more drummers later we reunited with Kiel who played bass for us briefly before the One Who Points To Death album was composed. This has been a pattern that we feel is behind us now. Though this was just the tip of the ice berg in the Infernal saga it is one of the main reasons for delays between albums.

As a matter of fact you have a brand record called No God so tell us something about the newer record? Could you present it from your point of view? I personally feel this to be our best works since None Shall Defy. Its a culmination of our personal beliefs and historical events that reflect on the state of the human condition as we catapult into modernity. We wrote these songs from the heart. Elements that weren’t as obvious in our last two albums were brought back into No God. To immerse the listener in a dark surrounding as we believe the future is bleak unless all religion is abolished or reduced to small pockets of insignificance.

Please, also could you present the band Infernal Majesty to our readers since this is the very first time that we have a chance to have an interview with you? In fact, you are at the scene for already 30 years or even more so to say… Its crazy but time fly’s so fast. We have had quite the interesting ride along the way. It is what inspired me to begin writing a book to explain to everyone what really has gone on in this convoluted tale of death, destruction and chaos. Our current line up is as strong as Thor’s Hammer with the edition of Kiel Wilson on Drums and Daniel Nargang on Bass. Steve Terror and Kenny Hallman including myself are the original founding members and though we have had our ups and downs over 30 years we are like family and continue to follow our passion for writing extreme music that we hope will get you on your feet, get under your skin and make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

It’s obvious that you have traditional style of playing. How would you like to describe your style of playing? Tell us something about your influences as well. We are rooted in Satanic Thrash Metal peppered with hints of Black and Death Metal. Growing up I experienced the joy of walking into record stores and buying new albums from new bands that today we take for granted. Slayer Show No Mercy, Venom Welcome to Hell, Hellhammer then Celtic Frost Morbid Tales. The beauty back then is it was all new. Nothing in the imagination could have thought listening to Kiss would evolve into the most extreme music the world has ever seen and still today taking on new ground every year.

Do you have any favorite tracks when it comes to your new full-length No God? We like them all or they wouldn’t be on the album but I’m definitely a little partial to Enter The World of The Undead and Signs Of Evil. Steve wrote Enter The World which is a ferocious song and a diabolic tale. Signs was composed by Kenny and it blends modern and Oldschool Blackened Thrash Metal into something uniquely Infernal.

When it comes to Infernal Majesty do you have any live shows in mind soon? Are you active actually when it comes to live performances right now? We are always ready to go. We have requests every day coming in to play cities all over the world. Trying to get this all figured out logistically is a nightmare for us. Past experience has taught us that booking are own shows can be a major shit show sometimes so we are hoping the winds of change are blowing and we can get on board with a well established, well connected, reputable booking agency to help us sort through this.

Who has done cover artwork for the latest record No God? What would you like to present by it? Safir & Rifas from Romania. It is a work of art that means a great deal to us. Oil on canvas. A moment caught in time. The reality of a world without God. This is how it makes me feel. The fallen Angel and Jesus Christ in dismay. 8. Could you compare the scene when you have started the band in 80s and nowadays, what are the major differences? Chris: That’s a very interesting question. In so many ways they are the same but at the same time much has changed. Its a complicated question with no easy answer. Like most things in life its an accumulation of facts or events that lead up to something or societal change. I think now there is more opportunity for talented musicians to make their mark. Back in the beginning there were so many unsigned bands and the only place to here them was in the darkest corners of city streets. In Toronto, Bars like Larry’s Hideaway. Now you can start up a Facebook Page or YouTube Channel to help get your voice herd. Social media has been a great tool for sure in this sense. I wouldn’t say things are easier now to become successful but there is definitely more platforms to use to help get you there. When it comes to the intensity of the fans and the emotion that is unleashed at concerts while under the influence of devastating double bass, that will never change.

  • Answers by Chris