KLIMT 1918 Sentimentale Jugend

klimt1918-sentimentalejugend-bundleWow, this came in as a really nice surprise for the end of the year to make rumble in already set best of lists for 2016! Actually I go way back with Klimt 1918 as I follow the band ever since their debut Undressed Momento. I have sort of fascination with Italy since I really adore that country and consequently its various products, among others Italian dark metal scene led by legendary Novembre. Klimt 1918 also had connections with them, sort of a similar sound and their drummer Giuseppe Orlando producing their albums, but already on 2005’s Dopoguerra they morphed into something completely different. Around this time I saw them on tour with Katatonia, I think that it was around 2006, and soon afterwards their next album Just in case we’ll never meet again (soundtrack for the cassette generation) was released. Everything was going just fine but then came silence… For years we have heard nothing about Klimt 1918 so I was even afraid that the band is no more. When the news about their most ambitious album finally came the fans relieved, all that was left is to wait and the end of this year brought to us the new Klimt 1918 album. Sentimentale Jugend is double album spanning around 100 minutes, separated into two discs of course entitled Sentimentale and Jugend. This release is, as it is always the case with this band, inspired by various art forms from different eras and for this time they have reached towards Germany when the famous novel Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo put the initial spark into developing of these songs. This is not the strict tie since the band worked on the album for years, slowly unfolding and creating their art without any push and simply incorporating their souls into Sentimentale Jugend. For those who thought that Klimt 1918 have turned into some light pop band think again, as this album carries significant amount of weight even though that we are dealing here with dream pop / shoegaze style. The music is filtered through various effects, made lo fi by choice of the band and thus truly becoming vivid and atmospheric – I would even say that this album is logical reply to its predecessor, turning Klimt 1918 into sort of different direction and giving the listener a lot to digest. Even though the band said that this is double album simply because they had a lot of material on display, I would say that I feel some differences between two CDs. Sentimentale is considerably darker and should I say slower – it is opened with Montecristo, 8 minutes droning piece which slowly builds tension and can be used as shining example what to expect with this release. There are no shiny hits or stuff that jumps at you right out of the gate, just artistic statement of the band that has put a lot of sweat, blood and tears into this creation. It is pointed out that 80’s bands such as U2 and The Jesus And Mary Chain were inspirational for this album and that is solidified by cover of Berlin’s Take My Breath Away which fits seamlessly into the album. Jugend is slightly more uplifting and should maybe serve you as a rest after the first album but it is closed by epic Stupenda E Miserabile Città (dedicated to their hometown Rome, if I am correct) which closes the album in fitting fashion. All in all, Klimt 1918 are back with something I would easily call the best album of their career. They have reinvented themselves again in grandiose fashion and this long wait has paid off.

  • Prophecy Productions 2CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8,5)