Live Reports

Rock Hard Festival 2016

13179181_10208874050629208_1817704755166837769_nActually we were focused on the second and the last, 3rd day and this day also was sold out since Blind Guardian has played on that night. So, we have arrived at the early hours of Saturday. Unfortunately, we have missed some shows but I was able to watch Tribulation . They did a great job out there as several months before on their first solo road trip. Also, there were some other bands during that day like Grand Magus they were very good as well and Metal Church of course. Such a pity  it was that we were not able to see Sorcerer. The second day started with Orden Ogan (I have never taken this band serious although that they are quite ok live) and continued with marvelous show from Moonspell were they have added and performed various songs from their long career (Opium, Vampiria, Full Moon Madness, Ategina etc.) and some of the new ones, too especially from their latest effort. During the evening hours we were able to run some time at the metal merchant (very good catch I have to admit since I have found some Pic LPs that i was searching for a long time like Blind Guardian Imaginations… and Covenant Nexus Polaris) and finally there was a time for Blind Guardian. Yet, before Guardians guys from Cannibal Corpse have their time on stage. Yet, the true master of the evening Blind Guardian have arrived and they did quite a nice performance since also the weather was little better and also since their show was druing the nightfall the moon also took the part of the atmosphere. I have to say that we were enjoying in some of the great songs and ballads like The Bards Song, Lord of the Rings but also they did not miss chance to play Mirror Mirror, Time Stand Still, Nightfall, Imaginations From the Other Side, Script for my Requiem, Valhalla, Majesty and other great ones. With a specific atmosphere RHF turned out to be one of the most unique festivals in Germany. Well, its true the audience is indeed +35 🙂


Perhaps one of the best shows when it comes to the field of Norwegian pagan black metal. Both bands did quite a great shows. While Kampfar show was very grim and dark like on the other hand Borknagar performed some songs that were quite catchy. But, nevertheless, Kampfar had a mighty opening with their Viking hymns. Of course, both bands are complete different from so called pagan metal scene, their aims and achievements very different from other happy tuned groups that sing about the glorius battle past but, yet, they dodn’t know how to handle the sword or an axe… So, the show had its own atmosphere, more noble so to say. Borknagar performed the songs mostly from their first 4 records , but they also added few more songs from their later career. So, we were able to enjoy some great tunes like The Oceans Rise, Colossus, The Winterway, The Eye of Oden and alike.

Primal Fear/Brainstorm

A night to remember that’s for sure. It was such a nice show. Both bands were indeed great but, of course, Primal Fear has taken the stage with great, pure HM energy ! Brainstorm has delivered quite a good show playing most of their hits from previous career and some new stuff as well. But the true stars of the night were masters of HM tunes: Primal Fear. Ralf Sheepers, Mat Sinner and co. attacked us with many furious tracks like The Final Embrace or Chainbreaker from their debut recordings, but somehow it seems that true highlights of the night were ballad like songs like Fighting the Darkness. Of course, Primal Fear has delivered that night many songs from their brand new record, too. The sound and the audience were indeed marvelous and awesome! One of the best shows that I have seen for some time, surly with the most effort and energy unleashed!

Luca Turilli *Rhapsody/Iron Mask

The show has started with Iron Mask. The band was quite ok, but I’ve to admit that I think they were better on their records comparing to live performance. Nonetheless, they added some of their best songs so it went more or less fine and the audience was quite ok. There was even a fine reaction to some of the iron Mask’s songs here and there. This was my second time that I have a chance to watch Luca Turilli live with his new band (with some old members), and I have to say that the first show was more focused on Rhapsody songs and good old Luca’s hits. This one was more focused on his new record, but, nevertheless they have played of the old tracks from various records of Rhapsody or solo Luca Turilli’s career (Land of Immortals, Demonheart, Emerald Sword, Dawn of Victory). And the end of the night the show turned out to be indeed marvelous and spectacular! Don’t get me wrong here but it will be always welcome if he could incluse more of the older Rhapsody’s stuff since they have become part of the cult.

Tribulation/Grave Pleasures

I have to say that I had a chance to visit two shows that night, and between Therion and Tribulation I visited second one. I really don’t know why but it seems that I’ve become tired of Therion’s shows… Never the less, Tribulation has delivered perfect set of the songs and it was truly grim evening. I’ve spent some time with the guys before the show doing some chat and interviews, and after that i was able to see Tribulation and before them Grave Pleasures. My focus was on Tribulation since it was finally my first time to see them and they have played some of the best songs from their brand new record Children of the Night but they also added few songs from their previous albums, too. Perfect Vampire evening in Budapest ther’s no doubt about that! looking forward to see them on forthcoming festivals in 2016!

Paradise Lost/Lucifer

Well, one of the best shows, with such a power and enery, that I have a chance to see definetely in 2015. Such old, nostalgic so to say emotions were there. Nick Holms, George Macintosh and co. have delivered spectacular concert unleasing some of their best efforts from various parts of indeed marvelous and rich discography. I have already chance to watch PL during 2015 two times, but these were festivals, and this was full show. The sound was indeed perfect and the venue more than welcome for such an evening. Hard to pick the best songs, but the band was more focused on their newer material from the fresh album. So, the show has started with No Hope in Sight and then continued more or less in this matter, but PL has also performed some of their old stuff like Enchantment, Widow, As I Die and Say Just Words. Everything was more than perfect that night, aperfect evening full of nostalgia for 90s:Icon and Draconian Times 🙂


It was my third chance to see Stratovarius on their tour dates and it was the best thus far. I really have enjoyed in their show. But, the night has began with Gloryhammer. The guys are more fun than serious but never the less it was more or less fine if you take this band just for fun and most of things today are just for the sake of having some nice fun. But, Stratovarius were obviously the head liner of the show and they have showed why they are still on the throne. They added to their set list some songs from the old era like Black Diamond or SOS, but they also performed many song from their newer career. The show was just perfect both musically and technically.

Blind Guardian

Probably one of the best shows of Guardians that I have seen thus far. I have to say that they were indeed amazing.  Especially when it comes to the songs from the new album they succeeded to deliver them in the best possible way. Also, they played many songs from their previous records as it is usual. So, we have enjoyed in various stuff from their earlier recordings like Majesty, Nightfall, Traveler in Time, Welcome to Dying, The Bard’s Song or the closing one Mirror Mirror.  So, I am still very eager to check out their new stuff live since this show has proved that they still got so much to offer after all these years. Technically it was one of the best shows in 2015! Interesting pint is that there was lots of people oht there, even bigger crowd has gatthered comapring to some previous times when they have performed in the capital of Serbia.