lotusthiefgramaryeLotus Thief is ensemble which consists of two members of famous experimental black metal Botanist, drummer Otrebor and multi-instrumentalist / composer Bezaelith, who wished to explore some different areas under the new name. I must admit that I have not listened to their debut album Rervm from 2014 so Gramarye is here to serve me as an introduction to this group. I can say at the very beginning that Lotus Thief fits very well into Prophecy roster as this is the kind of music one came to expect from this respected label. Gramarye represents mixture of atmospheric black metal, doom and dashes of ambient to spice things up, all of these ingredients mixed in one very soothing manner. The songs feature a lot of drama, light and shade and unexpected twists and turns so listener should really pay attention to what is going on here. One moment you will calmly swim on the tender musical waves while the next one will bring destructive riffs – you can stop here and say that we have heard the same patterns before and you would be right, What saves Gramarye is the fact that Lotus Thief obviously know what they are doing and they are doing that in a way that can satify the fans of these genres. It should be said that the album revolves about the themes of human belief, seen through different texts such as Egyptian passages of the dead and Homer’s Odyssey. Interesting theme that is for sure fitting for this kind of ambitious music so I guess that you understand that everything is round up in a nice way. I will make sure to check out their debut album and I can recommend to all the lovers of emotional and dark metal to check out Gramarye, you will not regret it.

  • Prophecy Productions CD
  • Zvonko Savic (8)