MAGNUM Sacred Blood and Divine Lies

Magnum has just released their band new issue Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies so we are just about to present their new record on Metal Sound pages.


Hello! Could you tell us something about your new album Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies?

The new album is the new album released this year from Magnum, we reckon this is our 19th studio album. We have spent the past 12 months completing what we think is the best album possible. We are extremely pleased with what we have done. We feel that it has all the magnum tell tale signs as well as a fresh new feel. New songs and content that pushes the band musically and lyrically. It has fantastic artwork fro Rodney Matthews and some bonus material on the dvd. New videos and extra songs makes a great package.
We cannot wait to tour and play some of these songs live. We hope this does well in the charts and it has been well received by fans so far. We hope this become as favourite along side some of the classic albums.

Where did you record the new album?

We recorded at the same place we usually record the albums at. It`s a place call M2 studios near Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. We use a fantastic studio engineer named Sheena Sear. She is the resident engineer and works closely with the band to get the best out of each performance.

Also, who has done marvellous cover artwork for Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies?

Rodney Matthews. He has been working with Magnum for many years. It`s almost another member of the band. It` something that come hand in hand with the entire band. From his most famous work with Magnum “On storytellers Night” and more. Tony its Rodney to talk through his ideas and Rodney literally draws as Tony talks to  him about his visual ideas. It`s exciting to watch. What Rodney gave us for this album is quite outstanding.

Could you compare Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies with your previous recordings?
There will always be some sort of continuation as the band are the same, some similarities will be made. But as band we push hard to make something new and fresh. Something that excites us and we hope excites the fans. We never want to become a tribute to ourselves so as a band we create new music and try to push ourselves to step up a gear and find new paths to take, musically, lyrical and visually.

Do you plan now to have bigger tour to promote your latest album?

We always try to get to as many places as possible on a tour. We just want to play everywhere. If the promoters want us and the venues are there we will play. Unfortunately promoters seem a little reluctant to take us on. We hope with the new album we get a great chart placement that will get promoters to sit up and take notice that we are here and the fans are waiting to see us.

How do you look upon your new album when it comes to its place in Magnum’s discography?

Looking at some of the reviews of the new album…some mention it`s a return to classic Magnum, some say new fresh exciting tunes form an established band of many years. So I am not sure where or how you express it. We can only hope that what we have created and we have found stimulating to ourselves is something everyone will find the same. We can only hope that this will find it`s place in the hearts of the fans and become a classic in the hearts as it has with us.

  • What is the next step when it comes to Magnum?
    We are about to tour in April/May 2016 to promote the album. we also have some festivals planned and hope to get out to more venues later on. Tony has already started working on new material and has quite a few new ideas in the bag already so the story continues…

    Answers by Al Barrow

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic