0e7f696788b9862c00403a4348096664After five years’ break, American death metal legends Malevolent Creation are back stronger than ever with their 12th full length album entitled Dead Man’s Path showing that years cannot take anything from them – they are still as deadly as when they first bursted on the scene and it seems that time just adds up to their craft. Once again the band changed the label but this time it seems to me that they have hit the jack pot: Century Media is for sure among the biggest metal labels ever and they are currently supporting the death metal revival so old dogs like Malevolent Creation fit like a glove in their current roster. The further proof for my words is the fact that they will soon decimate the stages on tour with their label mates Grave, but let’s not get carried away too much but instead rather concentrate on the album we have here. Of course, by now you are aware that this band will not play some sort of experimental shit and deviate from their norm so Dead Man’s Path is of course violent as ever: brutal death thrashing metal well informed of good songwriting and twisted melodies amidst the chaos. One can notice that the band is even more pissed off than usual, maybe the racist bullshit scandals or label change had something to do with it but Dead Man’s Path fires from all the possible weapons without any mercy. The opening title track is slow number that lasts for around five minutes and it is my only complaint about the music, it drags too much and makes you think that this album will sound different but from Soul Razer everything flows into familiar Malevolent territory and will not let up until the very end. Brett Hoffmann is also inspired with his trademark delivery so all in all I think that you understand perfectly what Dead Man’s Path is all about: one album in classic Malevolent Creation vein that will not bring them tons of new fans or turn the scene upside down but all the old followers of this troop will be satisfied without a doubt. So if the new Slayer has dissapointed you, make sure to check out Dead Man’s Path for good dose of brutal thrashing!

  • Century Media Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)