MAUSOLEUM GATE Burn the Witches at Dawn

Mausoleum Gate has released a brand new effort Into a Dark Divinity so we though its the right time to introduce the public with their latest issue and the band as well.


Please, also could you present Mausoleum Gate as the band to our readers since this is the very first time that we have a chance to have an interview with you?

Count L.F: Well the band was formed back in 2008 by Wicked ischanius and me through an advertisement in a net page for musicians. We started with NWOBHM. Then there was also Pasi Tolonen on drums. Pretty soon we got V.P Varpula for vocals and Neva for guitar and this line-up recorded “Gateways for the wicked” EP. Pasi and Neva wanted to go different directions in music so they left and we had to find replacements. After some serious searching and rehearsing we had Oscar Razanez (who was familiar with the band earlier) on drums and Kasperi Puranen on guitars.

Wicked Ischanius:  We have developed our style little by little. Everybody involved has brought something with them to our music. I remember when we did song Summoning Circle for our first demo, we tried out some vocal and guitar harmonies for first time for our band, and that gave really epic feeling for that song. Couple of more examples I’d like to bring out, Infernal on our first 7”.. that song really got our rhythm section with Razanez together, loose and vintage styled playing. Then from our first album track Lost Beyond the sun, which is important live piece. On lost beyond the sun, it was first time we used different keyboards in broader sense. We had the song , and we had given it a thought to use some keyboards, and then I played the chorus with mellotron, and BAM! Another point  from that song is the loose solo section , which leaves a lot of room for improvisation.

As a matter of fact you have a brand new record Into a Dark Divinity. So tell us something about a newer record? Could you present it from your point of view?

Count L.F: The album has more progressive vibe to it. It has totally different dynamics that the first album. I thought that we had some developing to do with vocal lines and melodies and it worked out well. The songs are mainly composed after 2015 Keep It True gig except Apophis which was composed in the very early days of the band though its arrangement has changed a lot. We decided to start an album with Condemned to darkness which is a long,epic song. I like the solo part and its groove a lot. Reminds me a bit of Allman Brothers Band stuff. The title song had only two parts when I brought it to the rehearsals: The first acoustic part and the latter solo part with its melody. It was a new way to do a song for us as we built the end part to this melody. There was no tight arrangement to that. Solomon’s Key was pretty ready when we did it. It didn’t change much from what I had done already. Burn the witches at dawn is made by Kasperi Puranen and Oscar Razanez and Horns is made by Kasperi Puranen and me. They are two straight forward rockers that bring variety to the album.

Wicked Ischanius : For me personally the most important thing with our second album is, that the search for musical representation countinues. It’s different from first album yes, but those familiar with our older work, can definitely identify what we are doing, and how we got here. I think we have brought more weapons for our musical arsenal, and we are exploiting them more dynamically than before. For example I think Apophis is our doomiest and heaviest track to date, and then there is the title track with really light colours. Also I think the focus on melodies instead of just riffing is different from first album and of course theres more keyboards, which bring different rhythmical and harmonical feel.

In fact, Into a Dark Divinity Is your 2nd full-length so tell us something more about your previous album? Could you compare your new record with your previous release since your debut record was released back then in 2014?

Count L.F: Well the debut album is a really good picture of Mausoleum Gate at that time. It is more guitar oriented and more raw. Also it has different dynamics compared to Into a dark divinity. There are two fast openers on both sides and also both sides end up in an epic song. The new record represents natural progression of the band. It has also very different dynamics compared to the debut album. For example the opening track is a long epic song – no fast opener.I think it’s  also more melodic and it has more variety than the debut album.

Wicked Ischanius : I love the first album , it has certain quality which I really like a lot. First album got our style together, then the second album brings more to it. Album always captures certain perioid of the band, what is going on with those who are crafting it etc. Like C.L.F said before, it is natural progression for us, and we will countinue for the search!

When it comes to Mausoleum Gate do you have any live shows in mind soon? Are you active actually when it comes to live performances?

Count L.F: Our plan is to get this album out and see the response. After that we are more wiser when it comes to live shows.

Wicked Ischanius: We have done live shows , and personally I enjoy them a lot. Actually I prefer them over studiowork! Hopefully we get to do them more, but there are some obstacles doing them more than we are currently doing , like lack of funding, day jobs , keyboard backline etc. Our band is bit different animal on live situation, and I think that is only a good thing. We play songs bit differently, improvised solo sections, harder aproach to some songs. Then we switched from 5 men to 6 men band, now I’m playing keyboards live. I use vintage keyboards like Hammond Organ live also haha , crazy shit! Have to say, I know a lot of people who are more impressed how we are as a live band, than from our record output. And if everything goes allright there will be few dates in 2018/2019.

If you like to recommend Mausoleum Gate to some people what references you would like to drown to some other bands and styles?

Count L.F: Hmm..that’s tough one. There are many influences in our mix: progressive rock of the 70’s,heavy rock of the 70’s,NWOBHM and so on. Maybe Deep Purple,Led Zeppelin,Uriah Heep,early Scorpions,Pagan Altar, Manilla Road,70’s progressive rock,Mercyful Fate etc.

Wicked Ischanius: If you like vintage heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock or classic rock , then you should check us out. If you prefer modern sound and attitude, then I recommend to look elsewhere.

Are there any plans from the live shows here and there?

Count L.F: Like I said earlier we like to see what is the response of the album.

Wicked Ischanius : Hopefully 2018/2019 something happens, some discussions, nothing sure yet!

How would you like to describe the style of Mausoleum Gate? It’s well known that most of traditional heavy, speed metal bands come from Germany or Sweden, but yet you’re from Finland. Any comments about this…

Count L.F: Obscure old school heavy rock with progressive and psychedelic twist.

Wicked Ischanius : I have to agree with C.L.F. But like to add, that Finlands underground heavy scene is  getting more interesting day by day! Hopefully it will inspire new bands (especially young audiences) to search for the sound of forefathers.