MIASMAL Tides of Omniscience


635884449663980981For the beginning, I will immediately spoil your further reading and say: Tides of Omniscience is the best Miasmal album up to date. Ever since the band’s beginning, I felt that they wanted to create something of their own in the death metal realm but I was missing something, for example their Century Media’s debut 2014’s Cursed Redeemer was too much on the rockier side of things for me to fully enjoy. But Tides of Omniscience brought all the elements of Miasmal sound into one place that feels right and so I finally have the album I was expecting them to make (maybe this sounds a bit selfish but I can’t help but to express my honest opinion). First I must say that Miasmal is Swedish death metal band and one can feel it from the first listening of Tides of Omniscience, as the riffs and overall feeling is well informed of all your Dismembers and Entombeds but do not expect some cheap retro HM2 worship. The album was done in famous Fredman studio which blessed the music with clarity without forsaking their underground roots. One can also feel large doses of crust/D-beat segments woven into the songs which comes as no surprise knowing that vocalist Pontus also shares time in Martyrdöd, and that fact gives Tides of Omniscience a lot of hymnal character. Catchiness is finally enhanced by large inclusion of cold Northern melodies that permeate the album and for which I am just a sucker for. All those elements are entangled into one logical whole that just flows nice, I guess that traditional old school death metallers will dismiss Tides of Omniscience for not being pure enough or something. For my part, I can just give my compliments to Miasmal for their evolution which goes into making different music but without following the vector set by bands like Tribulation or Morbus Chron.

  • Century Media Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)