Roberto Fasciani – Italian bass player

We would like to introduce you with Roberto, Italian bass player with some rich musical history.


You were working with Michael Angelo. Can you tell me something about that experience?

Sure! I was hired for a couple of shows in Italy, and I was told just the day before… So I spent time to wrote down the scores because Michael had so many “medley” with different songs by the same artist, and different artists too… It was impossible to me to learn all the cut offs with no time available. But he also had some “normal” songs in his setlist that I already knew. It’s been a little hard in the first gig (we had never play before, obviously!) because I had to read music and play, but in the second shows I was more confident and got more fun. Michael is a very cool guy, quiet and professional, and when he takes his guitar is a tough musician. Very skillful and amazing when he play his double neck guitar! Unfortunately, I had the pleasure to play with him just for a couple of gigs, but I hope we’ll play again soon. He also told me if I would be with his band for the rest of the tour, but the other bass player was coming back, so I had to say to him that I wouldn’t…

You’ve also collaborated with some members from the band Saxon? How did it happen?

An amazing guitar player and a good friend of mine, Fulvio Feliciano, called me for some shows with Graham Oliver. He needed a bass so he took a call. We had a Jimi Hendrix’s tribute, and Graham loves Hendrix so much. Who doesn’t? We all knew the songs, so it’s been very good for all of us playing music that we like… and very jammy too. Even in this case, as well as with Michael Angelo, no rehearsals! But I believe we played very well.

Another interesting collaboration was with Leon Hendrix (brother of the legendary Jimi). Can you tell us more about it?

Thanks to Fulvio (once again) we had this opportunity to play Jimi’s music with his brother Leon: they meet each other when another friend, Roberto Crema (an avid Jimi’s fan), introduce themselves in a Hendrix meeting. First time I met him, Leon was hanging with Fulvio and Roberto, and I had an interview with him. At that time, I was in touch with a music webzine and wrote some articles, reviews, etc… It’s been a little tough because Leon is a funny and crazy guy haha! But very soulful too, a good person I had to say. Then we had this tour in Northern Italy and Turkey and it’s been beatiful, the venues and the crowd were fantastic, especially in Turkey. Another cool thing was that Leon talked about his life with Jimi, stories they’ve been through… He was a kind of spokesman for Jimi’s memory. They grew up together and it’s been very interesting to listen to that stuff, something that fans really love. He also wrote a book called “Jimi Hendrix: A Brother’s Story”.

We would like to know how did you become involved intothe music?
My love for music began when I uncovered a drum set of a friend (at that time I didn’t know he owe it!). When I found it, I was immediately enthralled and began drumming. I was captivated by the sounds I could create and went back repeatedly to drum. At some point, I decided I would like to own a personal drum and begged my dad to buy a drum for me. Well, the challenge was drumming in our kind of residence would mean troubling neighbors. Thankfully, my brother came up with a brilliant idea, recommending a bass instead. And I made the transition!
My passion for music stayed with me and I began playing with some bands; by the time I was about to graduate from high school, I had researched a reputable music institution in Italy. It was my next destination, and I really enjoyed my experience there. It was a magical experience and everything seemed enchanting. The ambience was accommodating and I was particularly intrigued by how much music was everywhere. People discussed music, played music, it was palpable! Soon, I wanted to explore what the world of musicians was like and opted for music lessons.

What do you know about Serbia?

Well, unfortunately I never been in Serbia but I know it’s a beautiful place, and rich of history too. Living for centuries in between christians and muslims should give a special heritage to people and places… But I’d be really glad to come and visit one day, maybe for gigs!

  • Interview by Srdjan Brankovic September, 2017