Here we have the new name on the metal scene but some seasoned veterans who decided to try their craft in slightly different waters are behind it, and probably the most famous one is Matt Olivo (Repulsion) on guitars while Tas (Satan’s Wrath) and Jamie Gomez (producer for Ghost and Paradise Lost among others) were responsible for creating this unit and giving to it the base of the sound. Without many fanfares and unnecessary bullshit Mirror have unleashed their debut album and I think it is the best that way as this release is truly unpretentious, just giving us good ol’ heavy metal the way it should be played. Metal Blade is good fit for this troop as they are home to a lot of like minded bands such as Portrait, In Solitude, RAM, Noctum… in the last few years. As I have already said, Mirror is no frills heavy metal but we can dissect it a bit further for better understanding and in the very end, need to analyze it further.


One can hear doom overtones reminiscent of Sabbath here and there but they never overtake the sound picture entirely, they are rather present to spice up the final dark atmosphere that Mirror has in spades. Metal of Mirror has its roots in darker bands of yesteryears so names like Angel Witch, Hell or inevitable Mercyful Fate could be put into this discussion. The story is led by high pitched vocals of Jimmy Mavromatis, this is the guy’s debut on metal scene and I can safely say that I dig his voice as one can hear sort of youthful naivety in his delivery but his vocals are strong and clean. The music is painted up by inclusions of gloomy organs so I guess that you can understand where Mirror is heading overall with their music, they try to invoke the mystic vibes that the old albums of aforementioned bands had and I think that they are onto something good here. My final verdict would be that Mirror is totally cool debut by this troop and I can just hope that the project will live much further than this album, be it in live actions or more releases. Fans of traditional metal should check out this album without second thinking.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Zvonko Savic (7,5)