MOB RULES The Rider On The White Horse

German melodic power metal group Mob Rules is about to release their forthcoming issue so we took the chance to do one interview and presnet this band for the first time ever on our pages…

712_photoHello there! please, could you tell us something more about your new album Tales from Beyond?
Hello! Ok, let’s start with the basic facts: It is our eights studio album and was created within only one year! After our anniversary box “Timekeeper” we had so many good reactions, that our label has asked us if we can make a quick successor. Tough challenge, but we did it and a very happy with the result. The album is called “Tales From Beyond”, because it deals with a lot more lyrical themes. We took ideas from different books like “The Rider On The White Horse” by “Theodor Storm” which takes place in our direct neighborhood. Or we dealed with historical persons like in the song “Somerled”. The final song “A Tale From Beyond” is split in three parts and is an abstract interpretation of the book “The Martian” by Andy Weir. The complete Artwork deals with this theme. It is a very powerful album, with catchy refrains and a lot of heaviness.

Also, could your compare your latest album with your previous records?
We followed the way we started with “Cannibal Nation”, a more edgy and rough way. We also kept new influences like celtic parts inside the songs. Our last album was very melancholic and went in a more “Hard Rock”-way. In “Tales From Beyond” we returned to more heaviness. This is more a Power Metal album I guess!

Already four years have passed by so why there was such a long pause between your albums?

Our last album was released in the end of 2012. The next year we went on tour to promote it and played a lot of shows. In 2014 we began the work on our 20th anniversary box “Timekeeper”. It was kind of a “Best Of” but we added a complete DVD and full length CD with re-recorded songs together with friends of the band like Amanda Somerville, Udo Dirkschneider, the guys from Axxis and so on. It had also the first single of our forthcoming album. So you can imagine how much work it was to create this! 2015 we started the work on “Tales Form Beyond” and had the final mix short before Christmas and here we are! Time flies I would say!

This is your 8th full-length so which one was the most important for the band’s career?
If you just speak of importance for our career, than I would say it was our second one “Temple Of Two Suns”. It was released in 2001, as Power Metal was very popular and it set the foundation for the next years to come. It gained a lot of attention and made the band recognized as a professional one.

Do you have any favorite album that is specially close to your heart?
For me, it is Radical Peace with its 20-Minute “The Oswald File”, a kind of masterpiece that you only do once in a career. It is a very special album that also has songs like “Astral Hand” or “Children Of The Flame” that are played in most live-sets. I think this was a very important album for us!

Could you say us something about the influences when it comes to Mob Rules?
We do not try to sound like any popular band, but our sound is often compared to bands like the newer Maiden, Queensryche or Savatage. I am very fine with that, because I love all these bands. But if you ask about the music we hear in private, I could give you an endless list and I think all this influences create a special mix. As long as people compare us to different bands it is a good think, cause it shows that we have found our place somewhere in the middle of them!

Also, how would you like to label your music? There are melodic parts but also so called power metal moments are obvious as well.
To put it all together: I would call it German “Melodic Power Metal” with some progressive and British influences!
Do you plan to play any shows to promote your new album Tales from Beyond?
Oh yes, and we cannot wait to be on stage again. We have a release show in our hometown Oldenburg and then start tour through Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland in April with our lablemate Axel Rudi Pell!
After this, there are no concrete plans, but we surely will play some festivals and play some headliner-shows somewhere in fall 2016. Hope to see some of you guys there!

  • Answers by Jan Christian (Keys)
  • Interview by Marko Miranović