MOONSPELL The Future is Dark

Monspell has just issued their brand new effort so its time, once again, to do one interview with their lead singer Fernando and present their marvelous new material.


Hello ! First of all I would like to give you my compliments concerning new album. Its indeed great piece of work.

Well, thank you and apologies for the delay but we’ve been touring the world!!! I have to say this is a really nice way to start an interview!!!

Please, can you for the very beginning of the interview tell us something about your latest offering Extinct and present to our readers your brand new issue from your point of view?

From the moment we started writing for Extinct we knew we had a special work in hands. It was a bit different than the last string of records, but it still sounded like Moonspell while expanding our song-writing and our musicianship, which is always any musicians’ goal I believe. It is indeed a more musical album and we were unafraid of styles, changes, what’s the flavor of the day for Metal or Goth and people are responding very positively which is great in a scene that most bands sound alike.

Your new record Extinct turn out to be indeed refreshing album with lots of new moments for offering. Can you compare Extinct with your previous full-lengths?

Well, no album is an island and as I have been in all Moonspell records so far, I can definitely see things that we learnt and used in the past but the good thing is that novelty is so important for us and the way you put the pieces together makes all the difference sometimes. You used the word refreshing and that’s a word I like because Extinct was for us fresh air, more melodic than the 3 previous ones, more rock and roll,
darker yet catchier.

As a matter of fact songs are quite melodic but yet very dramatic and emotional so to say. So newer record has both emotional vibe but also there’s strength in each
song Do you share my opinion?

Yes I do. The catch on this album was the contrast between the heavy, personal themes on lyrics and let’s say…amore redemptive soundtrack. I have gone really tired of
extreme music because it’s just fast and with few exceptions it lacks depth. Same for goth, it’s just looks but no substance and this album tries to fight those formulas we are all to blame for. In the nineties people demanded difference, now the fans, most of them
just want to be entertained.

Each song is a well-crafted jewel from the very beginning of the album to closing tune. But, do you have any favorite tracks when it comes to latest offering?

I do even though it’s a hard choice because we worked hard on all of the songs to let them shine through the album. But The Future is Dark is really closer to my heart
because it’s so damn personal and I really like the way it came out in the end.

I am indeed interesting to learn more about the lyrical backboard. There are many interesting titles like Medusalem or La Baphomette. Can you say us little more
about the lyrical side of the album.

The lyrical concept bounces between a more personal extinction of things, places, moods, people that have gone forever from your life; but also it found a larger, more dramatic background on the biotic extinction of species gone from nature. It deals with the unbalance it creates but also the fight for survival or for helping to survive best human beings are involved in. It’s a very emotional album, a very dark one but not devoid of
hope and light. It’s much more about living than dying, much more about fighting than giving up.

Also, you have added some more so to say orient moments in some songs so the album has more exotic feeling and atmosphere. What can you say us about that?

We love oriental music and we love to mix it our music. A lot of bands just tap into the Western, Wagner-like arrangements but we do have a thing about the more
insinuant, smooth orchestrations from the East. This time around we went as far as hiring a Turkish orchestra (7 violins, 3 violas, 1 cello) conducted by Mr.Mumim Sesler and they brought a great , dreamlike dimension into our songs.

Is there any kind of general message that you would like to send with album Extinct? I sense that there are many hidden things when it comes to new offering.

The message is also the challenge to find more. Nowadays Metal and Goth are no food for thought anymore. Bands stick to a concept and explore it to oblivion like
pirate, fairies, World War Two. I have listened to Metal and Goth for its poetry, its confessional tone, the songs of love, death, classical literature themes. So
Extinct, like I said, tries to go behind than singing about empty themes you can read better in books. It tries to look at our own imperfection, into what we do not to get forgotten, into invisible cities and endangered creatures. I don’t want t be difficult but I refuse to write simple things that everyone will like or understand. That’s not what got me here in the first place.

Do you plan to play any of new songs live on upcoming tour dates? Actually what can you say us about the plan when it comes to tours and live date in Europe?

We already toured the States and Europe once and we will be on festivals, plus Brazil and Europe again in October and November. Call us crazy but we play at least 8 songs
every night from the album. We love our old repertoire but music is self-expression and I hate when bands just play the single and then hit the classics so everybody is happy. For every Vampiria there is a Domina, for every Alma Mater there is one Extinct and so forth.
Check our dates online and come watch us, you won’t regret it!

Well, I would like to thank you for the interview. i wish you all the best. See you on tour very soon!

Thanks again and see you around! Before the lights go out, before
our time is gone…

  • Answers Fernando Ribeiro
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic