My Diary of Festival Season 2016 (or from Gelsenkirchen to Dinkelsbühl)

This year everything has started with Rock Hard Festival.  It was May, when I have for the first time, during this year, arrived in Germany. As a matter of fact this was my first time ever in Galsenkirchen a place where Rock Hard Festival is happening. I have never been before at RH fest but yet I’ve heard some stories before so I was prepared for a diffrent type of the fest. Indeed it turned out to be something complete diffrent for the rest of the events. No so much tents, we were at the hotel, I guess around 7 000 metal heads per day and a huge metal market with so much offerings 🙂 All in all, a good place for the palying, little more windy than I hoped, but the sound was quite well done for the most of the performances. There I was able to see some of my favorite acts like Tribulation, Moonspell and Blind Guardian, and some other bands for the very first time like Grand Magus. I was little disappointed since we missed Sorcerer. But, yet I bought out there many nice LPs some of them were indeed expensive like Blind Guardian’s ”Imaginations From the Other Side” Pic LP, Covenent ”Nexus Polaris” Pic LP, too, Iced Earth nicely looking ”Something Wicked…” LP and Cirith Ungol ”The King of the Dead” LP. At the end of the day I spend there lots of money also on CDs, too 🙂 Never the less, Rock Hard is one of those events that’s has the heart and soul and quite good choice of the bands as well.

In the very beginning of July, at legendary ”tankstelle” in small place in Bavaria called Geiselwind happenes event called Out and Laud. I still remember OAL 2014 since I caunt this festival as one of the best events that I’ve ever visited placed between some Franconian woods and hills. But, this year bands were less interested, there were fewer visitors since it was happening in the same time with Rock Hartz (do not mix it with Rock Hard these are complete two different metal meetings). In fact, I have only enjoyed in few bands like Kreator (they did really awesome show), Behemoth, Secrets of the Moon, Annihilator, Dark Tranquility, even I have spent some nice time watching Korpiklaani (other wise I tried to avoid rest of the groups 🙂 ). OAL has two diffrent stages: one in doors and one out doors with indeed great sound equipment so it was a pity that we miss the chance to watch some other bands…next year I hope that we’ll be more lucky. Instead of that we have enjoyed some cool time at our friend’s house (Tadislav Pjevaljčić a cult person when it comes to Sabathon Germany fan team 🙂 ) And, btw, it was quite hot during these few days, while the nights were cooler. As for the merchant I bought there just a few LPs (Emperor ”In the Night Side Eclipse”, Sacramentum ”Far Away From the Sun”…it was black metal catch 🙂

Well, the next stop was Wacken, infamous WOA! Those who think that Wacken is a place for for watching the bands he is complete at the wrong place! I have been there for the 5th time, and mark my words, you will be doing there many things, and the chasing of the bands, will be the last thing! There’s a good chance that you could miss some great act just because of the rain and really bad weather. During just one day you can face there 4 seasons. Heavy rain or burning sunshine, just in a couple of hours…or really cold nights…just like it was a year before…But, as I say, I am not there because of the bands, but becuase of the people, and the unique atmosphere. Never the less, something has happened with metal merchant this year so we were not able to found it! Such a pity! But, when it comes to music side of the festival it was quite rich with such a good shows pf Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian (grandiose one, take a look at YouTube), Therion (I don’t know why people dislike so much new line up, the show was quite ok), Borknagar etc. Some shows were little dissepiments like the one from Axel Rudi Pell. So, yes there are lots of bands at Wacken, but don’t even imagine that you will be able to catch the half of them 🙂 This year was much better when it comes to weather conditions, but still there were some unpleasant moments and issues with terrible rain…mood is not a problem, mood is everywhere, they even sell it…by the way I will also remember well the returning from Itzehowe (the next bigger town to Wacken) to Hamburg. The train and the bus full of metal heads! There was party!

And, for the very end, it was time for Summer Breeze 2016. After the running throughout the season we call this place sanctuary since we are there like in hotel with 5 stars. Our beloved friend, Jurgen Frickinger, has there a house of his parents, where close to event-place so it’s always fun! This festival has some like 35 000 people each year, some say it’s up to 40 000. It has nice merchandise, where you can enjoy in catching some good stuff (so, I got there new King Diamond LP print of ”Abigail” and Arcturus ”La Masqurade Infernale” LP and so many CDs as well). I was quite packed when I was returning! Also, some of my friends think that this is somehow strangest festival with weird people: yes, there’s something about the people out there :)! When it comes to bands I really liked the shows of Queensryche, Carcass, Satyricon (Nemesis Divine), Tribulation, Abbath, Moonsorrow, Arch Enemy and so on…so SB is the perfect metal meeting for the closing of the season!

I guess 2016 was quite a good year, there were some negative issues, since OAL could be better, but the rest of the season was quite nice…we will see how 2017 will turned out, I am just checking the first news for the upcoming year!

  • Marko Miranović, septembar 2016