MY DYING BRIDE Celebration of the Dying Art

My Dying Bride have marked the 20 years of existence on the scene and their new album „Evinta“ was released on that occasion. „Evinta“ is not full length per se, but rather a kind of compilation taking clues from all My Dying Bride’s past but I would rather let Aaron, vocalist and founding member, to tell the story behind it.

500full-my-dying-brideGreetings My Dying Bride! How are you doing, guys? 

Excellent, thanks. We’ve just got back from a rare UK tour which went very well indeed.

Since this interview is focused on your jubileum, I would like to concentrate on it so for the beginning I would like to congratulate you on your twentieth birthday (a bit late, I know…) so tell me how does it feel to be in Bride after all these years?
It still feels a bit like the early days to be honest. We’re still really into writing doomy/gothic metal and the fans are still loving it, so all is well.

„Evinta“ is here as a mark of that celebration so tell me how did you initially got the idea of doing it? I have read somewhere that it was 15 years in the making, can you clear this up a little bit?
When we originally had Martin on violin, we thought about expanding on that and including more classical instruments, but never had the budget to do anything about it. When Martin left, the idea got shelved but was re-kindled when Katie joined with her violn. It’s not really been a long process just a long idea.

Quite interesting release this is, so tell me did you perhaps consider releasing some DVD to accompany the jubileum?
We are working on it but nothing is solid yet.

What would you say that was the main pool of inspiration in making of „Evinta“?
Actually, it’s My Dying Bride! We took our own melodies, gave them a classical twist and Evinta was born.

Johnny from Bal Sagoth and group of classical musicians all played on the album so tell us something about their involvement.
Johnny has worked with us in the past, appearing on two previous MDB albums so we knew we were in safe hands when it came to composing and performing our ideas. Adding a few other musicians into the mix made the whole project more complete, then adding the opera singer Lucie Roche made the whole thing truly epic!

How did you decide which melodies and songs will be used for the album?
We listened to every melody and riff we have ever created, picked out the best and asked the composers & musicians to replicate them with their instruments. It was a very long process but worth while.

Tell me something about that 3 CD edition, what will be featured on the third disc? Also I would like to hear some details about that rich booklet.
The full Evinta spans 3 CD’s and is available as an ’Ultimate Edition’ in a large format book with all the lyrics, exclusive photo’s from the whole era of the band and information on each release. The 3rd CD is as good as the other two, featuring even more operatics and harmonies.

Will „Evinta“ be represented live in its integral forms, maybe on some special gigs?
Hopefully in the future we will be able to perform some of it live but it all depends on budget and the availablilty of musicians.

Would you compare „Evinta“ to „34.788%… Complete“ album in terms of experimenting with your usual style?
No, this is far more off the beaten track. 34.788% was only a little different from ’standard’ My Dying Bride but Evinta is much further from what we do but only in that it is performed by different instruments. The feeling & passion is still 100% My Dying Bride.

Let’s now head back to the beginning of My Dying Bride’s history… Could you please share your fondest memories from the very beginning of this band?
Well, we were young and drunk and it was all a lot of fun. And nothing has changed except our age. We get a lot of joy from being in this band and that’s why we’re still here.

What would you say is the biggest success in My Dying Bride’s career? Maybe the fact that you are perhaps the most successful doom band ever?
I’m not sure about what people call success. Some want a number 1 hit single or to be very famous, but for me, just having a record available to the world wide public is success enough. I have no interest in fame & fortune because if I did, I’d be in a very different band.

How do you look upon the term „British doom trio“ which is comprised of you, Anathema and Paradise Lost?
We’ve had similarities in the past but I think all three bands are doing their own thing now so that’s all history.

I was always wondering which My Dying Bride album is most commercially successful? How much albums have you sold in your career, if it’s not a secret?
It’s not a secret but I still don’t know the answer. Andrew tends to work on that side of the band and I work on the ’look’ of the band. We do OK but we’ll never be millionaires, whch I’m pretty much OK with.

With which bands you are the best friends, which ones were the most interesting company on tours? On the other hand, have you met some rock star assholes along the road?
There ae tooooo many assholes out there to list here but a decent amount of friendly bands too. We pretty good chums with Celtic Frost, Deathstars, Ava Inferi, Dopestars Inc, Cradle Of Filth, Paradise Lost, Anathema and a few others.

Since My Dying Bride exists for so long, can you imagine your life without the band?
It’s kind of hard to imagine the band not being here as I’ve been with it for half my life! I’m sure we will part one day and that will probably be rather sad I think.

I have to ask you how do you recall your first gig in Serbia on Exit festival?
It was great! Such an unusual venue too, with fantastic views from the top of the fortress. The fans were very keen too, which is always a bonus for us. Hopefully we can come back in the future.

That would be all for now. I wish you all the best and at least 20 more years of great career! Your last message…
Watch out for a new studio LP from us after Summer. Cheers!!

  • Answers by Aaron Stainthorpe
    Interview was done by Slobodan Trifunovic