MY Dying Bride Feel the Misery

519000British doom legends My Dying Bride are back with their 12th studio album entitled Feel The Misery which was awaited by die hard fans with bated breath. Of course My Dying Bride did not change their label Peaceville and went running for money, they did not make drastical shift in ther style, none of that could actually happen now: the reason why the album was so desperately expected is the fact that Calvin Robertshaw has returned to the fold. For those unaware Calvin was the part of band’s line up for the most famous era (the beginning until 34.788%… Complete) so naturally the expectations went sky high. Will My Dying Bride rekindle some of that past glories? I personally think that it is impossible, those albums belong to the historic era and anyway we have all discovered the band with them so nothing that MDB releases nowadays can’t hold a candle to those in sentimental manner. But certainly Calvin has put some fire back into the band and after somewhat average 2012’s A Map of all our Failures they sound hungrier, more eager to perform as it seems to me. It is true that majority of Feel The Misery was written by Andrew beforehand Calvin has returned so we must give credit where credit is due, but in the same time one can easily feel that the band is rejuvenated on Feel The Misery. Even though I have stated that MDB have not changed their style I must notice that Feel The Misery sounds just a bit more old school in comparison to couple of previous albums, with death metal elements and Aaron’s growls taking the more prominent role. In the same time violin has taken the back seat in favor of keyboards’ work that create the huge atmosphere while guitar riffs take the main role in creating of songs. Of course the album is immensely atmospheric and it just engulfs you into its atmosphere and won’t let go until the very end – I would say that the music and the arrangements is of equal quality as that segment of the release, which is something that could be lacking in the near past. My Dying Bride still soldiers on their path without any consideration what is hip and new at the moment, so Feel The Misery will not gain them any extra fans but it is in the same time one more proof that this band has untouchable integrity and is worthy of every respect. Feel The Misery represents nice return to form and for sure will be one of the best releases in the doom metal field for 2015.

  • Peaceville Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8,5)