594401Here we have eagerly anticipated second installment of ambitious so called Transylvanian trilogy that the biggest Romanian metal outfit Negură Bunget has started with last year’s Tău. That release has showed (at least to me) that after the initial hiccup with Vîrstele pămîntului, Negru has stepped firmly on his own two feet with the new line up and was ready to make impressive music again. And while Tău was focused on nature, Zi sees the group concentrating on human element of their homeland – old inhabitants’ traditions and their connection with nature, the way they influence each other in life. Zi stands for “day” or “say” which is very interesting game of words in itself and explains the great dichotomy Negură Bunget is working with. It should be said that Zi marks the 20th band’s anniversary and the album that marks it perfectly shows what they are about. Zi is filled to the brim with standard sound Negură Bunget is famous for which means that you will get to hear their unique mixture of black metal and ambient filled to the brim with traditional instruments performed by real players. You will not get to hear some weird moment like f.ex. track Împodobeala timpului from Tău, Zi is your usual Negură Bunget affair. Some people maybe would say that it is bad thing but I can safely say that this troop has such an original sound that simply cannot be copied by anyone, that they have every right to delve deeply in it and explore all its possibilities. What is the main draw with Negură Bunget as usual is the thing that this music is so deadly serious that it is almost palpable – you cannot just fake this kind of sound and ambience, it must come straight from the heart and soul of its protagonists. When it comes to vibe, also as usual the album is highly atmospheric and I can say that it is coming in simply perfect time of the year when the days draw colder and the fog is approaching rapidly which comes to me just perfect. Nothing more needs to be said, here we have one more highly captivating album from Negru and his companions which needs to be enjoyed in total solitude and fully concentrated in order to truly grasp the beauty of this art. The tour has just begun, the band will play in a couple of days in Serbia so we can check them out also on this front.

  • Prophecy Productions / Lupus Lounge CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8,5)