A Decade of Might and Magic, an album to commemorate the Stormspell Records label’s first decade of aggression is coming out soon. Featuring a 5-track mini-tribute to King Diamond by the mysterious Prince Emerald

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01. PRINCE EMERALD – Sleepless Nights (K.Diamond)
02. PRINCE EMERALD – Mansion in Darkness (K.Diamond)
03. PRINCE EMERALD – Eye of the Witch (K.Diamond)
04. PRINCE EMERALD – Amon Belongs to Them (K.Diamond)
05. PRINCE EMERALD – Behind These Walls (K.Diamond)
06. BREITENHOLD – Last Before the Storm (Gamma Ray)
07. CLAYMOREAN – Blood of My Enemies (Manowar)
08. ROCKA ROLLAS – Mirror Mirror (Feat. Philip Forsell) (B.Guardian)
09. MASQUERAGE – Rats in the Attic (Stormwitch)
10. BLAZON STONE – Masquerade (Running Wild)
11. NUMENOR – Valhalla (Blind Guardian)
12. CLOVEN ALTAR – Eye of the Storm (Stormwitch)
13. ROADHOG – Fight the Oppression (Running Wild)
14. HELD UNDER – Valhalla (Crimson Glory)
15. HYPERTENSION – Iron Hammer (Razor)

German power metal force IRON SAVIOR has completed work on their upcoming new album, titled “Titancraft”, which will be released on May 20th! It will be available as CD, Digipak, ltd. clear Vinyl & ltd. box set.

SUIDAKRA reveal the cover artwork and tracklist of their new album “Realms Of Odoric”, which will be out on May 20thMelodic Death Metal, mixed with traditional Heavy Metal and Celtic Folk elements. Of course „Realms Of Odoric“ will be presented with an extensive epic artwork by artist Kris Verwimp.

Cacophonous announces two behemoth releases from legendary symphonic metal act Bal-Sagoth. The band’s debut and sophomore opuses “A Black Moon Broods over Lemuria” and “Starfire Burning upon the Ice-veiled Throne of Ultima Thule” paved the way for a hugely successful career, and pushed the musical boundaries for extreme metal. Both records are to be re-issued as a CD and digital release on 6th May, with vinyl due this summer.