96540_artistNumenor is a band of mine which I found during 2004, but it was known around under different names (like Franconian Frost, Esgaroth). Actually, you can track some ideas and some lyrics for the songs written back in 1999-2000 (like for the songs Over the Mountains Cold or Moria). Its hard to say when the exactly band was found since it was always the idea of mine, but is was hard to be released since there were always like problems with different line-ups. The final line-up as we know Numenor today was made somewhere around 2010 and since then Srdjan Brankovic (Alogia) and I are the core of the band. Of course, though the passing of time some members became also part of the band and the story like Mladen Gosic (Keyboars), Marko Milojevic (drums) and Zeljko Jovanovic (second vocals). Numenor has released its debut album Colossal Darkness in 2013 (Stygian Crypt Prod.). Today we are working with two labels Stormspell (USA) and Stygian Crypt (Russia).

386163Colossal Darkness (Stygian Crypt, 2013) This is the debut record from Numenor. It was written and recorded during 2011 and 2012, but it was released a year after in 2013 since there were some usual delays. The debut full-length was our first answer of what we would like to create and record. its like an answer to symphonic and epic black metal scene from 90s so you could here there influences from various bands like Bal-Sagoth, Dimmu Borgir, Summoning, Covenant, Arcturus with some moments coming from power metal bands like Rhapsody or Blind Guardian…all in all quite a unique work and althouhg its not our best-selling record I still like to remember times when and how it was recorded and when it was released since it was my first ever CD.

534126Sword and Sorcery (Stormspell Records, 2015) Perhaps the most important album of Numenor since the band has become much more known after this album was released. We started to create the music for second album when Vladimir was still in the band, but shortly after he decided to left all his metal bands. So, Srdjan took the main role as a compositor and already there were some noticeable changes in the music style. We develop our music from epic black metal to epic power metal with various epic black metal influences. Dragon of Erebor and Dragonheart were the first songs that marked the new era for the band. But, also we used still two song from Balint Kelemy which were written more in the mood of epic black metal. The final result was a mixture between epic power and black metal. Morover, during the recording process Zeljko Jovanovic has joined the band as a second vocalist. At the end of the recording sessions we’re quite surprised of what have we done. Later Sword and Sorcery has become popular, with some songs reaching easily over 100,000 views on YT. The album was written and recording during 2014-2015.

a4281120266_10Sword and Sorcery (Stygian Crypt, 2016) At the very early stage, just afterwards the recording sessions of Sword and Sorcery album, we had an offer from Stygian Crypt to have so to say Russian edition of the same album. Since we’re not so satisfied by the final mix and production we wanted once more to re-produce the album and we have used the chance to add some of the old songs that I’ve recorded years back so we added like 4 bonus tracks to the regular album. Furthermore, we changed the cover artwork and changed many details in the booklet, too. So, the final result was something like a special edition of our album Sword and Sorcery that later turned on to be the best-selling Numenor’s CD so. I am still dreaming to re-record the entire album with the real drums and to add at least two more songs since I feel the regular album turned out to be quite short. Originally, on the cover artwork (done by Slobicus Doomicus) I wanted to present Elric of Melnibone (not Witch-King) as many might think…

666533Chronicles From the Realms Beyond (Stormspell Records, 2017) This album was written and recorded under the most serious condition so far. For the very first time we have used the real drummer since Marko Milojevic has joined the band after the cover version of Blind Guardian’s Valhalla. First of all Marko has done marvelous drumming on a new album and that has influenced Srdjan to write more dynamic songs. Although that the songs gained even more power and traditional heavy metal influences the brutal way of drumming has made very aggressive sound of each song (the best exemplars are songs like Over the Mountains Cold or The Last of the Dragonlords). Power metal songs in core, but with the sudden eruption of black metal parts. Album also includes the cover version of Blind Guardian’s Valhalla. Moreover, the album owns a song like Moria which was written more in the style of old Therion with Sandra on vocals which has done some vocals for Therion years ago. Still there were some avantagrde influences from Arcturus just like in the song Beyond the Doors of the Night or some more aggressive moments like in the song The Withing Hour (a mixture between At the Gates and Dimmu Borgir). Also, for the very first time we have used the real drawing cover artwork done by Dusan Markovic.  Maybe this was not our the best selling album but the reviews were the most positive. Some scribes comment the band as a mixture between Blind Guardian and Summoning, while others mention a mixture between Rhapsody and Dimmu Borgir. All in all, most of writers agreed that this is Numenor’s most innovative and original album with the style and sound that is quite rare at the metal scene…

The interview from 2016 for national TV RTS