635853997546852428Texan band Oceans of Slumber that really blew my mind with last year’s EP Blue (and not only mine) are already here with their second full length album entitled Winter, and I was really interested to hear how will it turn out for two reasons. First off, as I have already claimed I really dug Blue EP which leads me to the second thing: it was comprised mostly of cover tracks and while I was amazed to see how they have talent to do familiar songs in completely different way I expected them to have the same capacity to do it with their own material. So Winter is in front of me, and even though there is one cover song to be found (Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues) I am ready to indulge myself in their music, since I have to admit that I haven’t heard their debut album up to this point. For the beginning, I can say that Winter has surprised me since I viewed Oceans of Slumber to be prog metal group. That is absolutely right but in my mind I have created the notion that the album will sound something similar to Dream Theater or Opeth, but this story is different altogether. Oceans of Slumber’s progressiveness is reflected is unpredictability of theirs and willingness to take the song wherever their inspiration leads them. If I have to make some futile comparisons, Winter is wanders somewhere between proggy black metal and alternative rock with everything possible thrown into the mix to spice things up. This sounds like an illogical mish mash to you? Believe me when I say that Oceans of Slumber make it all flow together seamlessly like it was always meant to be. The story is led by soulful vocals of Cammie Gilbert but I cannot help myself but to give shout out to drummer Dobber Beverly: I am big fan of Inset Warfare and it really pleases me to hear how talented and versatile the man is… honestly I would not expect that from drummer of such a nihilistic band, but as it seems, Winter is the record that breaks down a lot of premonitions with ease without giving a flying fuck what anyone thinks, how things should be done etc. Oceans of Slumber are doing things their own way, they are doing it good and I guess that is the biggest compliment I could give them. Somehow I feel that we are about to get even better things from the band in the future and that they are just getting started, hence the mark at the end. Open minded metallers, do not sleep on this one.

  • Century Media Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)