Out and Laud 2014

OutLoud_wideSince this was my first time ever at Geiselwind I’ve heard just stories about metal meetings at this particular place which became in a way a legend 🙂 Actually, this was the first festival under the name Out and Laud before that the meeeting was known under diffrent name. Before some words about these 3 days, I have to say that the venue has diffrent parts like the in-door venue or hall (which is indeed huge and wide) and open festival ground. As a matter of fact, we spent out there three great days. The opening 1st day was still under the rain but yet the weather became much better later. My day has started with Stormwarrior and Majesty. Nothing better that to start day with ture teutonic metal warriors 🙂 During next three days of festival we’re able to see some great acts like Blind Guardian, Amon Amarth, Doro, Saxon but alos there were some diffrent style-wise acts like Moonspell, Arkona and Behemoth. Moreover, a vistor could also enjoy in various pagan metal bands starting from popular Amon Amarth or Ensiferum to some less known bands as Thyrfing. As a matter of fact, my favorite shows were those from Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Behemoth, Stormwarrior, but the ture events happened at the closing , 3rd day. I can easly say that this was perhaps one of the best days in my life, if not the best one. This show of Blind Guardian at Geiselwind 2014 has become somehow legendary since it was one of their best shows ever that I’ve opportunaty to watch. Surranded by dark forests and hills, with full moon at the skies and darkening clounds Guardians have performs one of their best shows with perfect set list slightly diffrent from usual ones. The sound was indeed marvelous and the atmosphere enchanted as well. Before Blind Guardian Moonspell has done also in-doors perfect show with fantastic set list as well.