Out and Laud Geiselwind 2016

Once more we’ve returned to Geiselwind, for the second time, but this time was with quite different bands. Its has become quite common for us to return to Tankstelle Geiselwind. Geiselwind has proved to have two great stages with great sound and equipment so it is always welcome to watch bands out there.  Well, this time we had opportunity to watch slightly diffrent line up that I use to follow. These were more female fronted bands or the groups like Powerwolf, but never the less we have received our dose of traditional heavy metal as well.

When it comes to highlights of the festival I would like to mentioned that Kreator were definitely the best band! This was the 6th time that I got the chance to watch them and perhaps it was the best. They performed really amazing show unleashing the pure energy upon us. Also, the stage was once more freshly done. When it comes to other bands Pain was quite good, Behemoth fine, Secrets of the Moon and Rage on high level, Dark Tranquility and Annihilator quite good as always. Also,  we have watched some other groups like Sonata Artica and alike.


There were fewer people comparing to 2014 (since in the same time Rock Harz  was sheduled as well) but I really hope that the line up will be more diverse next year. I think that the better termin is at the end of May since there are fewer festivales around. Never the less, we will return already at the place at the very fall of 2016 to watch Blind Guardian, iced Earth and Hell for the Christmas show so stay tuned!

  • Marko Miranovic