PATHFINDER Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time

280057Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time (2010) is the debut record released by Poland-based symphonic power metal Pathfinder. Their music and their style could be easily compared with Rhapsody of Fire since they have obvious symphonic and classical influences. Also, there are some other bands that we need to mentioned like Kamelot, Stratovarious and alike. Fans of more melodic metal would be definitely pleased by their stuff.

Pathfinder stands as a sort of combination between several bands, but, also they have their own elements as well. The music is power metal basically, with traditional heavy metal riffing and singing while the lyrics, visual concept and the entire atmosphere are fantasy based. So, the success was somehow insured so to say. Some songs indeed remain on Rhapsody of Fire like When Demon Awakes or Lord of Wolves, but also there are songs like All the Mornings of the World which are more written Kamelot’s style. orchestral and symphonic touch is more than obvious since each part of the song contains keyboards. Sometimes there are more than just one keyboard-line so we could say that keys are playing very important part in Pathfinder’s music. But, the guitars are there as well with bravos and solos, composed in traditional power metal way. So, all ingredients for a good record are there including catchy and hymn-like refrains. Nonetheless, Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time is indeed a marvelous piece of work, with intensive music and great songs. It’s not yet a classic, since the band needs yet to find their own style, but it has its own qualities to offer.

One could find more exotic that Pathfinder comes from Poland, but since there are bands like Behemoth, I don’t find any unusual  thoughs that  some good power metal acts could come from Poland, too. As a matter of fact Pathfinder stands as one of the best and the most promising acts when it comes to field of power metal.

  • GM Records CD
  • Marko Miranović (9)