PEREPLUT At the Ancient Times…

643760Well, what we do have here is a brand new record coming from band called Pereplut. Since this issue comes from Stygian Crypt Production we have already learned what could we expect from SCP especially when it comes to folk based metal bands.

Of what the band has presented on their la offering we could say that Pereplut stands somewhere between Russian based Arkona and Eluviete. So, I guess that you already know of what we are talking about. I guess that popularity of Arkona especially in Russia took its role so there are lots of ground and individuals that are inspired by this band. So, their effort entitled At the Ancient Times… (also its written in the booklet in Russian as well) presents some folk based metal with also some growling and more extreme metal moments as well, such as it is a case with Arkona or Eluvietie. So, there are lots of regular folk instruments as well presented on the record, too. I sense that all the lovers of so called folk metal with some more extreme metal moments should give them a try, at least. The band is not different from their popular colleges so i guess that they do have some chance here and there.

I would like of course to recommend this group to all those people who fancy some good played stuff and if you do not mind that there are some more references to some more prominent ones that you could easily find yourself enjoying in this record as I had already.

  • Srdjan Jokic (8)
  • Stygian Crypt CD