RAM Svbversvm

ram_svbversvm_album_coverSwedish metal mongers RAM are back with their fourth full length entitled Svbversvm and after their slightly slower 2012’s effort Death it seems that RAM are returning to the core of heavy metal. Don’t get me wrong, Death did not steer off the path of heavy metal at all, it’s just that the album was somewhat slower and took more time to digest but Svbversvm seems a bit different to these ears. The opener Return of the Iron Tyrant (very fitting title, I must say) will prove to you what I mean from the get go: blazing riffs and strong rhythm will get you to the core of old metal sound, so you will feel that you listen to some lost gem from the eighties’ era. The same story goes throughout the whole course of Svbversvm, it should also be said that the refrains are much more hymnic so the whole album is catchier – I would even say that Svbversvm is the album I got into the quickest out of all RAM’s offerings. Oscar’s vocals are very acquired taste as ever, the man sings with some king of venom entagled in his vocals but I dig his delivery – he sounds very recognisable and one could tell out RAM immediately because of his sections. I hear people very often comparing RAM to Mercyful Fate but I do not hear the similarities at all, if I need to compare RAM to somebody I would rather say that Svbversvm sound like Judas Priest doing jams with new school Swedish bands, all in all heavy metal to the core. The sound of the album also goes along the lines of the music, with everything sounding crisp and clear but on the other hand the sound is very natural and one could surely tell that not much of studio trickery went into the recording of Svbversvm. I think that I should not waste any more words – Svbversvm is true heavy metal album delivered in great way, as simple as that. Your attitude towards this style will make your opinion about this album, if you do not want your music to reinvent the wheel and be original at all cost but you are instead looking for some good music delivered in truly passionate way Svbversvm is the album for you.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)