RAVENCULT Force of Profanation

ravencult-forceofprofanationThis year has been very interesting when it comes to small subgenre called black thrash: heavyweights Desaster being reliable as ever, Australian antichrists Destroyer 666 releasing on their best albums ever with Wildfire (and stirring one of the biggest media controversies this year) while Ketzer left this field for something completely different. We can add to this list Greek lords Ravencult and their third full length entitled Force of Profanation which represents their debut for huge Metal Blade. Now, I can say that I follow this band even from demo days when I spotted the review for their Cosmic Chaos demo in legendary mag Metal Maniacs so I must admit that I am happy that they have reached this far and landed the contract with such a big label. Fifteen years into their existence and Ravencult still do what they do best and that is to simply play their kind of metal. I must warn you here that you should not make some prejudices based on their homeland, there are no traces of trademark Hellenic brand of black metal and bands like Rotting Christ or Varathron. Ravencult mixes black and thrash metal in equal measures, their thrashing rage coming straight from eighties and bands such as Bathory, Venom or Slayer (come to think of it, those bands are also black metal in my eyes, at least their early era, but you probably understand what I am saying here…) while their black metal is more of the Northern ilk, mixing both Swedish and Norwegian influences into one. One big quality that I have always found with Ravencult is the flow of their songs, and such is the case with Force of Profanation. All tracks sound very natural and are really easy to follow – not to say that they are bland but rather comprehensive. Also there are no studio trickery or flashing elements to be found on the album, just straightforward raw metal for the fans of the genre. Maybe not one album to turn the scene upside down, but Force of Profanation is honest release which is to be enjoyed by all the connoisseurs of the scene.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)