REDEMPTION Long Night’s Journey into Day

1000x1000LA’s progressive metallers Redemption seemingly took a heavy blow last year when long time legendary vocalist Ray Adler decided to give up the microphone due to ever clashing commitments in his main band Fates Warning, but main man Nick Van Dyk was never known to be a quitter when it comes to fulfilling his visions. He recruited none other than Tom Englund of Evergrey fame to replace Ray and the band is back in full strength with their seventh full length entitled Long Night’s Journey into Day which continues Redemption saga as it nothing so big happened among its ranks. It should be said that Long Night’s Journey into Day is a conceptual album dealing with family shattered by addiction, but that is the story that listener has to discover by himself and we will focus on the most important aspect of the release and that is the music of course… Comparing to its predecessor The Art of Loss, it can be said that Long Night’s Journey into Day is more melodic, without slightly thrashy riffs that could be found in previous album. Of course progressive metal tendencies of Redemption are in the base of the album but I would say that more melodies permeate the music here, so maybe I am biased a bit but I feel that Tom’s presence left some influence of his main band on the sound of Redemption. When it comes to him, I have to admit that it took some getting used to listen his vocals in this band but that is probably because Ray left such a strong mark, but repeated listening sessions have showed that Tom is as usual in his game on Long Night’s Journey into Day. Of course, technical prowess of all the instrumentalists in the group is well known so it goes without saying that the album is not lacking anything in that department. But all that aside, the best aspect of Redemption is of course emotional aspect that paints the music of Redemption and Long Night’s Journey into Day is no different in that regard. Morose and uplifting moments interfere seamlessly, the album is filled with different shades and colors just like life itself so it is clear that Long Night’s Journey into Day is worthy addition in Redemption’s discography. So fear not dear fans, the band is still going strong with Tom and as it seems their saga will not end so soon…

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Srecko Sitic (8)