REVEL IN FLESH Emissary of All Plagues

608851German purveyors of old school death metal Revel In Flesh have reached their fourth full length with Emissary of All Plagues without letting down in quality one inch, and that is even more impressive when one realizes that the band was founded five years ago! Strong work ethics can do you wonders, which is obvious from this example… If you would not know the home land of the band, your first guess would be that Revel In Flesh hails from Sweden since they utilize the epitomes that made their scene legendary back at the beginning of nineties down to a T. Everything screams Swedeath with Revel In Flesh, the music is bathed in glorious HM2 pedal so if you are looking for something that you have not heard until now look elsewhere please. But those of you who want to enjoy some quality death metal can continue to read this little rant… It seems to me that Emissary of All Plagues is sort of natural reaction to its predecessor Death Kult Legions, the album that implemented slower tempos and larger use of melody into Revel In Flesh’s attack. I heard some fans nagging about this but I liked the album since it really brought back golden nineties and bands like Hypocrisy to me with its frozen sounds. Emissary of All Plagues on the other hand keeps that melodic aspect intact but brings back fast outbursts from the first two albums, so this release feels like a combination of all three Revel In Flesh albums. Of course, their album has to be closed with cover and this time it is also unusual choice – UFO’s hymn Doctor Doctor has been given death metal clothing and I guess that everybody who has been to Iron Maiden gig knows this song by heart, haha. Also Dan Swanö for the production duties and Juanjo Castellano for cover artwork are present, as it was the case since their debut album Deathevokation. You see, Revel In Flesh is the band that does not like to fix what isn’t broken and they have their own style of doing things so if you have enjoyed them by now you can freely look for Emissary of All Plagues. I am one of those people so you can easily count me as satisfied once again. The question remains for how long will they keep this quality with this fast pace, but as I have stated everything is okay by now so will not think about that at all…

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