584102Boston thrash/death metal mongers Revocation simply show no signs of slowing down on their sixth full length entitled Great Is Our Sin. The band is churning album after album in very fast fashion and between them they are touring constantly – strike the iron while it’s hot, as people say. This might be a recipe for quick loss of inspiration but I cannot hear it anywhere when I face their music. Just two years after very well received Deathless here we have new Revocation album which show that band is staying true to its formula with couple of twists and turns made to sweeten the deal. Revocation are still playing their brand of thrashing metal with lot of death metal overtones but for this time I thing they have enhanced the levels of brutality a bit. Just check out the opening track Arbiters of the Apocalypse with blasting Eastern sounding section very reminiscent of Nile, or Only the Spineless Survive with Morbid Angelic riffs in verses and you will get to hear what I mean. New drummer Ash Pearson (ex-3 Inches of Blood) has fit into the band seamlessly with his high technical proficiency, making a departure of Phil Dubois-Coyne seems like a no big deal. While we are at it, it goes without saying that all the band members are slaying their instruments led by Dave Davidson’s impeccable guitar playing – seriously, this guy is one of the heroes of new metal generation! It should be also said that legendary Marty Friedman lend his helping hand on instrumental track The Exaltation and this time the album is closed by Slayer cover Altar of Sacrifice (unfortunately my promo does not have it so I cannot give you any further comments). It remains to be seen how will Great Is Our Sin be positioned in overall Revocation discography with the passing of time, but one thing is sure: these guys are in the game and do not think to let go of their reins anytime soon.

  • Metal Blade CD
  • Zvonko Savic (8)