ROCK HARD Gelsenkirchen 2016

13179181_10208874050629208_1817704755166837769_nActually our redaction was focused on the second and the last, 3rd day and this day also was sold out since Blind Guardian has played on that night. So, we have arrived at the early hours of Saturday. Unfortunately, we have missed some shows but I was able to watch Tribulation . They did a great job out there as several months before on their first solo road trip. Also, there were some other bands during that day like Grand Magus they were very good as well and Metal Church of course. Such a pity  it was that we were not able to see Sorcerer.

The second day started with Orden Ogan (I have never taken this band serious although that they are quite ok live) and continued with marvelous show from Moonspell were they have added and performed various songs from their long career (Opium, Vampiria, Full Moon Madness, Ategina etc.) and some of the new ones, too especially from their latest effort. During the evening hours we were able to run some time at the metal merchant (very good catch I have to admit since I have found some Pic LPs that i was searching for a long time like Blind Guardian Imaginations… and Covenant Nexus Polaris) and finally there was a time for Blind Guardian. Yet, before Guardians guys from Cannibal Corpse have their time on stage. Yet, the true master of the evening Blind Guardian have arrived and they did quite a nice performance since also the weather was little better and also since their show was druing the nightfall the moon also took the part of the atmosphere. I have to say that we were enjoying in some of the great songs and ballads like The Bards Song, Lord of the Rings but also they did not miss chance to play Mirror Mirror, Time Stand Still, Nightfall, Imaginations From the Other Side, Script for my Requiem, Valhalla, Majesty and other great ones. With a specific atmosphere RHF turned out to be one of the most unique festivals in Germany. Well, its true the audience is indeed +35:)