Secrets-of-the-Moon-Sun1-e1448633733106Period after 2012’s album Seven Bells was marked by huge changes in the world of German dark metallers Secrets Of The Moon: first off their bass player LSK took her own life in 2013 and one year after that sad event one of the founding members Thrawn Thelemnar decided to part ways with the group. But sG and Ar have wasted no time, quickly gathered the new line up and in the light of all these radical cuts they decided to make one more, perhaps the boldest one yet – the musical direction. Secrets Of The Moon were no strangers to change in the past, ever experimenting with their art and surely no album of theirs was the repeatance of the past succesful formula but it is definite that Sun is their boldest move up until now. Sun is one of those albums that divides the fan base and there are no two ways about that: those into old ways of the group and metal in general will wholeheartedly loathe it while people who embrace experiments in their metal will be thrilled with the new offering from Secrets Of The Moon. I will immediately place myself in the latter group and say that even though Sun surely took me bu surprise at first, that impression did not last for long and I was quickly entagled in the magic of this release. We have labeled Secrets Of The Moon as black metal band until this album but now it is definitely hard, even impossible – you will hear bits and pieces of that musical style here and there throughout the songs, it’s also safe to say that the overall atmosphere is absolutely bleak (despite warm and inviting album title) but the sound palette is something else. I am reminded of heaps of genres here, one could hear traces of gothic rock, post punk / death rock revival, accords similar to later day Sentenced or mid Anathema era, grunge dual vocal harmonies dead ringer to Alice in Chains and who knows what else, but Sun is not entirely sounding like any of those styles. I have heard people comparing Sun to everything from Fields of the Nephilim, David Bowie all over to EverEve – Stormbirds album which only means one thing – Secrets Of The Moon have truly spread their wings on Sun without regards to any genre shackles in mind which gave magnificent results. It should be noted that sG is mainly using his clean vocal delivery on Sun which gives me the space to give my own wild comparison – he reminds me great deal of Marilyn Manson on Mechanical Animals album, especially in songs like Dirty Black or Man Behind The Sun. To conclude – Sun came at the very end of this year to fuck up already created year end’s best of lists. This album is truly one of the kind, I cannot compare it to any other album I have heard and you truly have to hear it to believe it!

  • Prophecy Productions / Lupus Lounge CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (9,5)