SEPTAGON Deadhead Syndicate

septagon-deadhead-syndicate-cdGerman band Septagon may be a new name on the metal scene but there are some seasoned veterans standing behind it: this band is brainchild of guitarist Markus “Ulle” Ullrich (Lanfear) who wished to do something different than his main band so he recruited vocalist Markus Becker (Atlantean Kodex) as good pairing and thus Septagon was born. The rest of the line up was rounded with friends from Lanfear, the songs were written and everything was good to go. Trustworthy Cruz Del Sur Music stepped up to the occasion and here we have their first offering entitled Deadhead Syndicate in front of us so let’s see what Septagon has to offer in crowded metal scene. To speak the truth, the music represented on Deadhead Syndicate is not that often today as Septagon is playing thrash/speed metal of highly melodic ilk. Cruz Del Sur is mentioning in promo sheet that this album has the aggression of Exodus, Slayer and Testament but that is not totally true, you will get to hear those moments only rarely while the most accurate description would be the bands like Heathen, Forbidden, Agent Steel… or Serbian band Space Eater for that matter! I must admit that I kinda wished for those brutal moments to be more present as the material represented here could use some push here and there, as the songs sound a bit lazy here and there. Markus uses his standard clean vocal majestic delivery that gives the band some identity and one can hear a lot of melodies that lead the album even on heavy/power metal territories… I guess that boys could not escape from their Lanfear experience. So the overall result is that Deadhead Syndicate is very competent from the melodic and complexity’s side, there are good moments to be heard throughout the whole course of the album, they just need to up the ante on the aggression department and inject it more cleverly into the songs so everything would be perfect. Final verdict is that Deadhead Syndicate is cool enough debut so we will follow what Septagon will do in the future with interest.

  • Cruz Del Sur Music CD
  • Zvonko Savic (7)