SEPTAGON Rebel Against the Syndicate

Septagon is a new name on metal scene but there are some seasoned veterans from bands like Lanfear and Atlantean Kodex behind it; their debut album Deadhead Syndicate which was just released on Cruz Del Sur Music is sure to please all the fans of melodic speed/thrash and bands like Heathen, Forbidden and Agent Steel. Guitar player Markus “Ulle” Ullrich (also of Lanfear) is here to introduce us to Septagon


Greetings Septagon and welcome to the pages of Metal Sound! How are you guys doing these days?

Doing great, so far. The album just came out, reactions are very good. Couldn’t be happier how it turned out.

First of all let’s go straight to the beginning of the band: Septagon was formed by Markus Ullrich and Markus Becker, please tell us how did the band come about and what were the main intentions behind it?

I was always into oldschool Speed/Thrash Metal and wanted to do something with a more melodic approach without losing sight of the riffs. I knew Markus for some years and asked him very spontaneously when I met him at the Keep It True festival in 2013. He was interested and so I started to collect some ideas.

Please tell us who was responsible for the compositions of Septagon and what were the main musical influences for this band?

I wrote the music except for the ballad “Henchman of Darkness” and Markus was responsible for the lyrics and melodies. For the next album the whole band will be involved but at that time there just was no band so I wrote everything on my own and we rehearsed everything later when the line up was completed.
There’re no main influences but I always was into bands like Realm, Toxik, Forbidden, Heathen, Holy Terror etc.

Septagon found home with ever reliable Cruz Del Sur and I guess that it was because of Atlantean Kodex connection. How are you satisfied with the label and the work that it has done for you?

I think they’re the perfect label for us. Ambitious with good bands and a certain vision that is absolutely necessary in these days. They don’t release that many albums, but what they release makes sense.

Your debut album Deadhead Syndicate has just been unleashed so please tell us how are you satisfied with the initial reactions from the fans and critics alike. On the other, how are you guys satisfied with the album overall, is there something you would change?

As I said the reactions are great. Of course there’re always people who don’t like it but that’s not my problem. We’re not here to be everybody’s darling and don’t want to please every metal fan in the world. We did that for ourselves. When an album is done it is done. I wouldn’t change anything. There’re always things you can do better, but in my personal opinion it makes more sense to simply do that on the next album.

How would you personally describe the music found on Deadhead Syndicate, the label tags it as thrash metal but I personally feel that there are large doses of heavy metal in your sound, even some more extreme metal parts can be heard here and there… Your take on this?

I see that very similar. The musical roots are US orientated Speed/Thrash but we surely don’t want to limit ourselves. The vocals are more melodic than on the average Thrash album and if there’re ideas from other genres we have no problem to integrate them. It’s important to have a central theme so everything sounds homogeneous, but experiments are allowed, provided that you don’t lose control and overshoot the mark.

As it seems to me, Deadhead Syndicate is sort of conceptual album of sorts. What can you tell us about this and lyrical content of Deadhead Syndicate?

It’s not a concept. A mixture of everything, I would say. Some lyrics deal with everyday’s life and what’s going on in the world of today and there’s also stuff that is more or less pure fiction.

Would you say that Septagon is simply a project or a full time band? Will you get this band on stage full time? I have seen that you have done some live gigs, how did it go?

It’s a real band. We already played two gigs and had fun but want to collect more live experience as a band in this constellation. Therefore we would love to play live as much as possible to grow.

While we are at it, I would like to ask you what is happening with Lanfear and Atlantean Kodex, as I know new Lanfear is just about to be unleashed…

I asked Markus what’s going on in AK but he doesn’t really know. The main songwriter Manuel is a busy man. As far as I know they play only a few gigs this year. He said there’re some ideas for a new album but nothing concrete. I very much hope they’ll do another album, though.
The new Lanfear album is called “Code Inherited” and is in the mix right now. It should be out in spring this year.

What lies in the near future for Septagon, where will we see you in the next few months?

Hopefully some more gigs. We already started working on new stuff to record album no. 2 as soon as possible.

That would be all for this time, I would like to thank you and wish you all the best! Your last words to our readers…

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  • Questions by Slobodan Trifunovic
  • Answers by Markus “Ulle” Ullrich