SUIDAKRA Realms of Odoric

SD_ROO-C_500x500Perhaps Reamls of Odoric has the best cover artwork ever done for Suidakra by Chris Verwimp, but, the music is the weakest. I am really sorry to say that but their new material simply is weaker comparing to any other records from their quite rich discography.

Three years have passed away since their previous record Eternal Defiance which was quite good. I could say that their last three offerings were indeed great piece of works with marvellous, epic and enchanted songs. Each album was a tale for itself. While Crogacht was very intensive, impressive and agressive, yet Eternal Defiance was more polished, but still furious offering with fantastic celtic moments. But, after several good records the next move of the band was indeed hard and one could understand why they did a less interesting record comparing to the previous issues. You can say its normal.

Realms of Odoric definetely misses some elements. When I was listening album, for the very first time, everything was there, but, yet somehow, something was missing. The prodaction is very well done, as it was the case many times before, but the main ingredience is missing which was so characteristic for their previous records: this sort of catchy celtic vibe althrough they do have celtic influnces like many times before. As a matter of fact most of the songs sound somehow borning and very uneasy for the listening. Some would say that the band has delivered the offering like many other of those so callded pagan bands. The best thing with Suidakra was that they had something diffrent which separates them from the other bands from pagan folk scene. So, in a way, Realms of Odoric sounds very close to these bands. Perhaps this is the main problem. But, I don’t complain since Suidakra has delivered so many good records.

  • AFM Records CD
  • Marko Miranovic (6)