Well, perhaps this is not the best offering from Suidakra, but at least, it’s not so bad as it seems that everyone’s complaining. Cimbric Yarns is an all acoustic albums from Suidakra, maybe not done in their possible way, since we have already learned that they could have very nice acoustic ballads inspired by Celtic music and heritage, but if we forget, just for a moment that the word is about Suidakra then we could enter in the realm of their latest offering more openly so to say and find some enjoyment and quality in their sound.

There’s not much to be told about Cimbric Yarns, it has some fine melodies, mostly inspired by their already established Celtic-like sound. These songs are more written in the ways of their previous records than the older ones. So, there are female vocals which has already become a sort of a trademark. The entire record is quite fluid, and one could listen it in a break of a moment. Anyway, the music is good, but we will take this particular record as a sort of break between their regular albums. And, since I was not so enthusiastic about their previous full-length i am hoping that Akradius and co. will gather the force once more and complete one record with a powerful melodies as Crogacht for example was (and still I find Crogacht somehow their best offering ). Anyways, if you are not so obsessed by heavy metal music, and you like to taste some more acoustic and relaxing sound landscapes that it’s quite safe to dwell in the realms of Odoric 🙂

  • Marko Miranovic (7)
  • AFM Records CD